TCDD's resource management is in one system.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which was completed by HAVELSAN 'TCDD Enterprise Resource Management System Project, all of the assets, resources and operations will no longer be executed from a single system.
With this system, the activities of TCDD such as finance and human resources, vehicle maintenance, operation, material control and international ticket sales were gathered under a single system. HAVELSAN made the following statement:
Tir This system is up-to-date, reliable and fully integrated in accordance with the level reached by the IT sector. All assets, resources and operations of the Railway Management and Resource Management System (KKY) and TCDD are integrated, updated and shared. The resources and activities of the TCDD, which is one of the modernization projects in line with the technological developments in the international arena, will be monitored by the top managers.

Source : www.milliyet



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