TCDD-UTIKAD organized a ”Special Train Management“ meeting in Istanbul Novotel.

TCDD 1. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, Deputy Director of TCDD Mustafa Kıylıoğlu, Chairman of UTİKAD Turgut Erkeskin, Vice Chairman of UTİKAD, Kosta Sandalcı, UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, UTİKAD Secretary General Hacer Uyarlar, Association representatives and UTİKAD the opening of the private sector was put on the table.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Turgut Erkeskin, who made the opening speech, stated that UTİKAD, which makes significant investments in import, export, sea, airway and highway, continues its expectations regarding the opening of the railways to the private sector. We created very serious dynamics in maritime transport. It has achieved great successes in the highway sector. We were a little back on the railroad for a long time, but the day is probably today. On the railway, very serious investments have begun to create dynamics that can be exploited by the operational advantages of the private sector. Demir

Within the framework of Turkey's 2023 vision, attention 1,2 trillion dollar foreign trade volume target, Turgut Erkeskin, quickly he said that the implementation of logistics investments in order to come to the intended size of the foreign trade volume.
. If we are talking about a foreign trade volume of 300, we will talk about the 2023 multiplier in 4. Maybe the volume of business in the logistics sector, which is around 60 billion dollars today, will soon be in 3 and 5 will reach 4 in a short period of time. In order to do this, we have to make an investment, for this, the private sector must enter into this much more dinanism, Bun he said.
Logistics sector increasingly in Turkey's exporters identity become more important that underlines Erkeskin, the words continued as follows: "The costs in the global market to feel the weight of price competition importance of transport that directly affect is also increasing. For the economies that want to get more share from the global market, the degree to which the four main components of transport are integrated and integrated with each other is also important in terms of the value they add to the country's economy. Transportation and transportation have been a factor facilitating competition within export sectors for a competitive approach in international markets.
Today, to increase the export to neighboring countries last year 10 3 solid and annual export-import capacity undeniable contribution of the logistics industry in Turkey reaching 600-700 million tons. In parallel with the growth of exporters structure of Turkey is a rapidly growing, the number of companies providing needed services both in terms of the huge fleet of vehicles they own these companies, domestic and foreign offices and employed by qualified logistics industry in terms of manpower has become one of Turkey's most strategic sector. Turning to the private sector for the creation of an integrated railway logistics sector Looked at from this angle will be a very important step for Turkey's economy. "

Mr. Erkeskin stated that the Turkish logistics sector, which has a market of approximately 60 billion dollars, is expected to reach a size of 3 billion dollars in the next 150 annually. Changing Middle East and the new world order today floating axis from West to East, Turkic Republics and Turkey, which bridges the logistics potential in the European region is gaining more importance, "he said.

Erkesin also pointed out that the Ministry has made significant investments in the railway in recent years and that the amount of investment has increased with the new projects. N This shows that a very serious investment move is being made. An investment of 35 billion was made between 25 and 2003, while in the 2010 plan; There is an 7,5 billion dollar railway investment. This will give our economy a very serious impetus. In fact, according to the figures put forth by the Minister of Transport, the railway has the most important share in transportation investments for the first time. We see that when we arrive at 2023, a total of 45 thousand 2023 km rail network is targeted. 25 thousand km of this will be investments in high-speed train lines. 940 will be a thousand kilometers of conventional lines. X

TCDD 1, who made statements about TCDD's activities at the meeting. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, railways today is experiencing the golden age of the 3 said.
Hasan Gedikli stated that they plan to increase the share of the private sector in the railway management by 50, and he said: sektör It is one of our new goals to ensure that the Turkish railway sub-industry in the global railway sector takes place, develop and become an active actor. We aim to increase the railway share to 15 in freight transportation. Demiryolu
Make a brief history of railways in the presentation and the investments made so far in the transfer of Hasan Warrant, TCDD about High Speed ​​Rail studies found the following statement: "Turkey has come a very important one from the High Speed ​​Train and today xnumx'inc in the world, In Europe, the 8 ranked the first. Avrupa

. We don't want to be a TCDD anymore, D says TCDD 1. Regional Manager Gedikli emphasized that they have to restructure TCDD and railways with high speed train, road and vehicle renewal, signal, electrification and conventional railway investments to return to an organization that can stand on its own feet.

Gedikli underlined that the bill regarding the Private Train Management should be enacted as soon as possible to bring the railway transportation to the targeted point, and made the following statements about the draft:
, A change was made in the organization of the Ministry in order to liberalize the railway sector and to create a stable and transparent structure and to offer services to the users within the framework of competitive principles. Railroad Coordination Board and Rail Regulatory General Directorate was established. DDGM, infrastructure operator, station operator, train operator, agency and organizer by determining the working principles, authorization, control and dispute took on the task of solving. However, no appointment has been made yet. ”
Gedikli provided information on the tariffs, personnel operation and operations that will be the basis of the Private Train Management in the draft law.
At the end of the meeting, Gedikli answered questions from sector representatives.

Source: Newspaper Turkey

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