Sutek Insulation

Sutek Insulation Systems 2011 was established in May. The main activity is to cover agricultural irrigation ponds, forest fire water pits, ornamental ponds and open channels with Lineflex EPDM geomembrane and thus waterproof.

World-wide elastomer (so-called everyday rubber) materials have been developed with the continuous development of technology and the use of elastic polymers in many areas. Water-proof EPDM based rubber membranes have been developed. Thanks to their superior properties, EPDM membranes are successfully used in a wide range of atmospheric conditions. EPDM membranes do not lose their elastic properties even in extreme conditions such as -40 elastC to + 120ğıC temperature range.

“Akizo Insulation Systems Inc. cs, which increased its existing capacity with this investment decision, iz Lineflex Deutcsland GmbH leri was established in Germany to have a say in the European EPDM Membrane market.


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