The high speed train accident in Sakarya has been dropped from the timeout.

The accelerated train accident case, in which 41 people died in Pamukova, Sakarya, was reduced due to the timeout.
22 in Pamukova District of SAKARYA 2004 in July 41 The public trial after the Accelerated Train accident, which resulted in the injury of 89, has been reduced at the hearing held today because of the 7.5 annual timeout 22 is filled in January.


22 annually expires 2012 on 7.5 by decision of postponement

İsmail Gürses, the lawyer of the Machinists who followed the case, said that they would demand the case to be deducted from the timeout in the session to be held on 7 February. Gürses said, “The lawsuit filed from TCK 389 decreased on January 22 due to a 7.5-year timeout. We will demand this from the court tomorrow. ”

The court of the 2-2010 will be seen in the Sakarya 306 High Criminal Court before the trial, and the court has issued a submission to the 100 people who lost their relatives in the case.

Receiving the subpoena, Alaattin Candan, who had recorded her daughter in a train accident, said she would attend the hearing. Saying that the news in the newspapers is not his own expression, Candan said, "They combined my words in the old news and made me speak."

Father Alaattin Candan asked the question, "Will you apply to the European Court of Human Rights after my prescription?" According to the new law, they said that this could not happen without the approval of 5 judges. However, we will still try to exercise this right ”.


Sakarya 2YK High Criminal Court in the hearing today TCDD lawyer Gökay Türkyilmaz, accident in the friend of the accident Coşkun Erturk lawyer Ender Dedeagac, Irem Candan's father Alaattin Candan and his lawyer Engin Baltacı, lawyer İsmail Gürses and public employees union lawyer Salih Ikizler attended

In the case given to the public prosecutor in the case, after the train accident on 22 July 2004, Pamukova Public Prosecutor's Office demanded the elimination of the public case filed from article 389/2 of the TCK. Lawyer Engin Baltacı, the attorney of Alaattin Candan, who joined the case upon this request, said, "We have no words to say against this situation created by the rules of material law."

Lawyer Ender Dedeağaç, who lost his friend in the accident, said, “We have no words to say about the material procedural law. In this case, even the person who has half the flaw in this file was tried. Other defective persons and institutions were not brought before the court. This situation is a sad situation in terms of law. ”

İsmail Gürses, the lawyer's lawyer, and İsmail İkizler, a lawyer from the public sector, also demanded that the case be timed out. President of the Court after the half-hour break Judge Oguz Steel, the case of the 7.5 annually expired because of the time-out has been announced.


"The case did not do anything," said father Alaattin Candan, who lost his daughter İrem Candan in the accident, in a statement he made with his lawyer. Candan said:

“It didn't work for anything. Justice in conscience has not found its place. After that, I can't think of anything. There is something I can do. I go to the Human Rights Court. It has been 7.5 years and another month after the death of my son. I attended all the hearings. So much so that this accident has changed a lot in my life. I was diabetic. I was suffering from hypertension. I have had bladder cancer. I enter the dialysis, my kidneys are gone. ” 'PUBLIC VIXERS ARE COMFORTABLE'

His lawyer Engin Baltacı stated that the case was a great inconvenience for the public consciences:

“Everything that is done is in accordance with the material law and our procedural rules. Mr. court has nothing to do around these rules. The point we would like to draw attention to in this case is that the 8/4 defect attributed to the railway in the expert report is not personalized. If you remember, when the first decision was made in February 2008, our request to file a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office for this to be personalized was rejected. If he had been admitted, the investigation would have identified who these defects belonged to. This timeout would probably be applied to people who were found to be at fault. But we would know again that we will know that 8/4 of the defect will be 3/4 of one machinist, 1/4 of the machinist and 4/8 of the machinist. The defects of that event would also be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it has not been determined who the 4/8 defect of this event belongs to. However, at the point reached, there was new evidence. When there is new evidence, a new investigation could always be started, not done. We have to say that 4/8 is realized as a destiny. Because he has no owner. There is no crucial point in this case. This crime, which injured public conscience, changed in the new penal code. Timeout 15 years. In the investigation, unfortunately 4/8 remained in the space to which the defect belongs. This is what hurt us and all the victims. ”


Salih İkizler, the lawyer of the Public Employees Union who participated in the case, said, "The administration has returned from its fault" and said:

“My client was a train driver, a second engineer, and a train chief. In his decision to overturn the Supreme Court, he said that each accused should be represented by a separate lawyer on the grounds that there is a conflict of interests between them. I also served as the advocate of the mechanic who used the train during the accident. 37 people died in the previous decision of the court, he says. Let 37 people, even the death of 1 person upset people. I have to be happy with this decision for my client, but we need to be upset when we think there are 37 lives. Because I believed that my clients were perfect in this event from the beginning to the end of the case. They had only one flaw. And they should not insist on saying that I will not use this train. The subject of the train was full of business errors. Accelerated train transportation ended after that accident. So the administration has returned from its own flaw. Now that road is not accelerated, it is closing for the high speed train. While it can keep one of the two ways open to traffic, this is the case in Europe. Shaping away from the public interest, the figure closes both sides. At that time, there were reports of scientists at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul Technical University. 'Expedited train transportation is not possible here,' he said. Despite this, they continued. This is a political decision. ”


Yavuz Demirkol, chairman of the United Transport Union, who followed the case, said, "-" The TCDD officials that the experts appointed by the court had a fault of 8 out of 4, that is, those who decided to run the expedited train should have been brought at least to the judiciary. " Demirkol said, “The public conscience was disturbed by a decision made today. Whoever decided to run the accelerated train should all have been brought to justice, ”he said.

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