SPE Consulting Engineering Construction

Consulting engineering construction sp
Consulting engineering construction sp

SPE, health, education, tourism, industry, office, housing, social facilities etc. Provides general layout planning, architectural, structural, electro-mechanical, landscaping, infrastructure and connection roads design, construction supervision and project management services for various purpose buildings and facilities.

SPE has been carrying out project and occupational supervision services especially for road, railway transportation and rail public transportation systems in transportation sector. Projecting services, route selection and analysis include comprehensive topographic hydrological and geological surveys and all systems are prepared by computer aided design method.

In addition, the company has extensive experience in the design of large art structures such as tunnels, bridges, viaducts and all other related art structures.

SPE also provides transportation planning and feasibility study services in urban, regional and country basis as well as project design services.

SPE has extensive experience in water resource planning and feasibility studies. In the basin basis, medium and long term energy supply, agricultural irrigation, urban water supply, flood protection purposes, underground and surface water resources exploration and related investments are planned and projected.

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