Due to the 2 high speed train project between Istanbul and Ankara, the last intercity route from Haydarpaşa Train Station was held at 23.30 last night. While the last train was moving, one group also acted by putting forward that Haydarpaşa Train Station would not open again. As part of the work to be carried out due to the High Speed ​​Train Project, the last flights were made at Haydarpaşa Train Station yesterday. The latest intercity train from Haydarpaşa Train Station departed from Haydarpaşa Train Station in Ankara at the time of Fatih Express.
Intercity service interrupted 2 year round, while some of the last train passengers were unaware of the situation. A citizen will keep the last ticket as a souvenir, a young female passenger said in a sadness.

Poetic, banner action
Some groups waited at the station to protest the situation. Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), a group opening banners and currencies, actions, claiming that he's open to a train station. Reading the poems written about Haydarpaşa Station, the group continued its protests with a press release.
Although there were no passengers, there were also those who came to see the departure of the last train. It was seen that some of the passengers received the signboards as a souvenir. Reacting to interrupt the train service, the activists slashed the slogan and then sang without incident.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:56

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