Towards the end of the 1920, the railway reached Sivas. Sivas Samsun road will be built. After that, I summarize this from Ercan Susoy and the late Kemal Kovalı.

Mustafa Vasfi Susoy, the deputy of Tokat, is a close friend of Atatürk's unreasonable friend. Goes to visit;
Olur Paşam, this Samsun Sivas railway pass through Tokat, he will ask the train to pass through Tokat.

Atatürk says:
Iş Mustafa, this is technical work. Let's send a technician, let him pass, but if not, I wouldn't waste the 5 dime of the nation. This won't work. Bu

The future of a technical staff or delegation for railway crossing is heard in Tokat. There is great unrest in the city. No one wants the train. It is told that the railroad will break the land while passing through the vineyards, and the smoke of the work will damage the fruits and vegetables. The mayor remains in a difficult situation. To assist the technical delegation, the city's most shamers to show the task. The city also warns for unrest. During field work, this man steals roasted chickens, the food of the team. Leaving them on the mountain comes to Tokat. The team, who is in a very difficult position, returns to Ankara as angry and angry.

Mustafa Vasfi Susoy goes back to the president after the time goes. Atatürk: "Report is how to see?"

The report is negative. It is not appropriate for the train to pass through Tokat. These events were known and spoken by everyone in the 1950 of 60. I've heard it. During those years, he was the chairman of the construction department at FDI, which was later the Ord.Prof of ITU.

Ali Fuat Berkman was our teacher. I asked him after a lesson.

”The soldiers wanted him to pass through Zile, so he did not go through Tokat.“

I had two semesters of railway lessons. The route that passes through Zile passes through a place called Cizöz. This is one of Turkey's most challenging transition. A very steep mountain should be removed at a short distance, in winter it is closed, reinforced concrete open tunnels are made to prevent it from closing. There are very technical accidents. But it's still gone.

It can be thought that it is difficult and impossible to cross the Çamlıbel mountains between Yıldızeli and Tokat. But it is possible. When approaching Yıldızeli, the road leading to Pamukpınar school towards the slopes can pass to Çamlıbel plain with a tunnel in the middle. He can go to Tahtoba village from Çamlıbel plain, from there, from the skirts of Alan village under a tunnel under the Üçtepeler, from Marol to Beli and from Derbent to Kazova. Halis Turgut Cinlioğlu writes that this route was studied by the French for the Samsun -Sivas - Baghdad railway which was considered during the Ottoman Empire period.

The train has escaped.

Text Gürdere-Tokat
(Taksekçi Hometown Tokat rebellion!

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