Seminar on the Future of Domestic Production in Rail Systems

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The Future of Domestic Production in Rail Systems Seminar: The "Future of Domestic Production in Rail Systems" seminar was held in cooperation with Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) and Rail Transportation Systems Association (RAYDER).

KSO Vice Chairman Tahir Sahin, in his speech at the opening of the seminar held in ksour, said that Turkey's needs in the next 15 years, 5 thousand 500 subway-tram car.

2023 20 until the year of the need for metro and tram network will create a potential market around 51 stating that, these developments and the decision to become a domestic XNUMX decision is an opportunity for Turkish industry with Konyalan industrialists stressed.

Stating that there are strong companies in many sectors such as automotive, casting, machinery and metal that will serve the rail systems sector in Konya, Şahin said, “The hardworking and devoted industrialists of this country are strong enough to leave Made in Turkey mark on the railway. We, as Konya Chamber of Industry, are ready to do our part today, as always, ”he said.

Atilla Üner, Member of the Assembly of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and Chairman of the Transport Committee, said that domestic production is a national issue in rail systems and that companies should act together without compete with each other on such an important issue.

Üner stated that the Turkish industry has the knowledge, skills and power to produce its own subway, tramway and all rail systems.

RAYDER Secretary General Ahmet Gök stated that the 51 percent local requirement in the production of rail systems is a serious rate, and said, "Our heart is that this rate should be 100 percent over time".

Gök pointed out that domestic production of rail systems is a national issue, said:

“This is a 500 million euro job. This job should be considered as a national cause. A Korean company should not come and manufacture our rail system vehicles. Foreign companies are making serious efforts to remove the 51 percent domestic requirement. Our industry, Konya industry, has a good infrastructure. It can do that. Creating a world brand in domestic tram and metro production is not a dream for us, it is a reality. "


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