Şemdinlide Ski Center Opened

The ski resort, which was completed in Şemdinli district of Hakkari, was put into service with a ceremony.
To the opening of the ski resort behind the Güzelkonak Village Boarding Primary Regional School; District Governor Mesut Gençtürk, District Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Major Ibrahim Yağız, District Police Chief Mustafa Yiğit, District Mufti Feyzullah Çalışkan, District Director of National Education İbrahim Arslan and joined the circle supervisors.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the facility, the Governor of Semdinli Mesut Gençtürk, a small beginning of the facilities, stating that, inde Everything is a place for him in life with a small start. There are not enough social activities in our district. We were instrumental in such a thing. Böyle
After the speeches, the opening ribbon of the facility was cut and opened to service. Friday Akdoğan, Murat Tekin and Ümit Bartın, who were called from Yüksekova by Şemdinli District Governorship during the opening ceremony, made a statue of snowmen in the facility area. The young people's sculpture gathered the admiration of the participants. The young people, who made a statement about their sculpture, said that they were happy to give importance to their arts and said, k As the value given to art increases, the value given to the war decreases Yap
she said.
Some of the teachers who attended the opening of the ski resort stated that they would like to have such a facility added to the district. The lack of social and sporting activity areas in the district made us sad as teachers working here. But the opening of this facility closed the gap in this area. We often come and go on weekends eler.
The children who had slipped with their own facilities in the same area had enjoyed the skiing with professional ski suits.

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