Sarikamis Ski Facilities Completed Despite the Cold

Bayraktepe Ski Center in Kars Sarıkamış district despite the cold weather was the place for ski lovers.
The week-end ski lovers who know the opportunity took their breath away with their families in Sarıkamış. Bayraktepe Ski Center, where snowmobile has found the 200 centimeter, was overflowed.
Bayraktepe Ski Center, located in the Sarıkamış district of Kars, was flooded by holidaymakers due to the semester break and weekend. ski lovers from Sarikamish, the world's 3rd, despite Turkey's largest solar Sarıkamış Ski Center has made ski slopes Bayraktepe despite the cold weather.
General Manager of Çam-Kar Hotel at the Bayraktepe Ski Center in Sarıkamış, Kemuran Eroğlu,
He said that he was pleased with the intense interest of ski lovers.
Eroglu; “We provide every opportunity to ski lovers who come for vacation. Those who come here want to come again because they admire the natural beauty of Sarıkamış, which is covered with green and white. Although we are the third mechanical facilities in the world, our accommodation and facility fees are affordable compared to other ski resorts. Because these features are not available in other facilities, ski lovers always prefer this place ”.
Eroglu; “Cıbıltepe, which has a capacity of 2 people per hour and a computer-equipped chairlift system at an altitude of 400 meters, has 2 tracks and two lifts for ski lovers. The 635-meter-long first lift is connected to the ski resort with a 5-kilometer-long track with an ideal slope for skiers. The second lift of 700 meters is connected to the first lift with 3 tracks. When it starts to descend from the summit covered with yellow pine forests, it gives ski lovers the pleasure of landing, accompanied by the most beautiful pine green, the melodic hum of the forests, the chirping bird sounds, squirrels, and the most beautiful snow white.
Skiing in the Alps is quite favorable for the sport and the only crystal powder snow in the world, it's just Sarıkamış'ta in Turkey. The snow keeps the freshness of the first day and gives ski lovers the pleasure of skiing safely on the bright piste. Since the ski slopes in Sarıkamış are surrounded by yellow pine forests, there is no avalanche danger on the tracks.
In addition to skiing, burning snow barbecue and samovar on the other hand creates colorful images. Citizens who prefer Sarıkamış for the weekend breaks enjoy the shift all day long.

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