Ropeway Project Will Add Value to Social and Cultural Identity of Alanya.

Mayor of Alanya, Hasan Sipahioğlu, the district's more cultural identity to come to the forefront of the tophane, castle and museum to work to remove the feet, he said. In this context, Alanya Castle Castle, indicating that they want to make the cable car and walking tape Sipahioğlu, said they want to be better known cultural values. Sipahioğlu stated that it would be a big factor in terms of promotion of the fortress especially in the planned ropeway. Maybe the cable car will allow Alanya culture to meet more people, but we have a droplet in that area. Now we have a significant restoration museum. There is a shipping and maritime museum in the presentation in the Assembly. There are restoration works that we will present the cultural assets in the buildings we have obtained. Oral

Emphasizing that the ropeway project is a correct project, Sipahioğlu said that it will add value to Alanya. Sipahioğlu emphasized that the ropeway project will increase the marketing power of Alanya and offer the possibilities of walking around the city with such a wonder of technology for those living and staying in the city, and expressed that the project will bring positive values ​​to the social life and cultural identity of the city.

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