In Rail Systems Made In Turkey

In Rail Systems Made In Turkey
In Rail Systems Made In Turkey

primarily unfinished subway in Ankara in Turkey, including tram lines, metro, tram rail all as the introduction of domestic rates of up to 51 percent of the system must be spent on investment in Konya industrial action. In the seminar held under the leadership of Konya Chamber of Industry and RAYDER, it was stated that domestic rail system production was as important as domestic automobile production, and that Turkish industry had the knowledge and power to produce domestic rail systems. he said.

In cooperation with the Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) and the Association of Rail Transport Systems (RAYDER), the SO Future of Domestic Production in Rail Systems SO seminar was held at KSO. Konya Chamber of Industry Vice Chairman Tahir Sahin and Board members Mehmet Ali Acar, Ibrahim Bozkurt Caglayan, Aegean Chamber of Industry Council Member Atilla Uner, RAYDER Secretary General Ahmet Gok, OSTIM Foundation Board Member Assoc. Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan joined.

”In the 15 year, we need 5.500 subway-tramway vehicles“

Speaking at the opening of the Seminar Konya Chamber of Industry Deputy Chairman Tahir Sahin, Turkey is in need of 15 Total metronome tramcars in the next 5.500 years, stating that a potential market of around $ 2023 to the metro and tram network needs 20 billion years, "These developments and the decision to become a native 51 is an opportunity for Turkish industrialists. Our domestic companies will find a new and profitable business area with rail system industry. In addition to Turkey that domestic production with imports and current account deficit will be a serious problem measures, "he said.

Konya, which will serve the sector of rail systems, automotive, casting, machinery, metal, such as many companies in the sector transfer Sahin, said: aktar The hardworking and altruistic industrialists of this country is able to mark the railway MADE IN TURKEY. We are ready to do our part as Konya Chamber of Industry.

”Domestic production is a national issue“

Atilla Üner, Council Member of the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry and Chairman of the Transport Committee, stated that domestic production is a national issue in rail systems and that companies should act together in such an important issue without competing with each other. 'We are strong together,' said Üner, the Turkish industry's own subway, tram and all the rail systems to produce the knowledge, skills and power, he said. Üner also touched upon the issue of domestic automobiles in his speech and stated that 1 cars are equal to the 150 passenger car money and thus the domestic cars are as important as domestic cars.

RAYDER Secretary General Ahmet Gök, 51 in the production of rail systems is a serious percentage of the requirement of being expressed in a serious ratio, 'Heart rate is the percentage of 100 over time,' he said. Gök pointed out that domestic production of rail systems is a national issue, he said. Bir This is a 500 million euro business. This job should be considered as a national case. A Korean company should not come and produce our rail vehicles. Foreign companies are making serious efforts to remove 51. Our industry, Konya industry has a good infrastructure. He can do that. It is not a dream for us to create a world brand in the production of local tram and subway. Yer

Sky, rail systems, substantial investment was made in the world, EU up to 2030 years 360 billion euros, China would do 10 billion rail investment during the year 730, Turkey has made significant investments in recent years in this regard, recalled, "Turkey's railways In the 2023 15 percent of the load carrying rate is determined. To achieve this rate in Turkey 60 thousand freight cars need more, "he said.

”Offset Law must be adopted“

OSTİM Foundation Board Member Assoc. Dr. Sedat Çelikdoğan, in his speech, pointed out that an industrial movement cannot develop quickly, hareket If we plant a seed today, the rest will come. We should not miss this train. Üretim he pointed out that domestic production is very important in rail systems. Çelikdog, while Turkey's foreign companies from goods receiving, known as generating portion on a specific rate in the domestic market 'offset' in that it needs to regulate the economy in Turkey and offset applications will be more buoyant, he added that the fall of the current account deficit and unemployment.

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