The high-speed rail bus (YHT) connected to Eskişehir and Ankara has started a mutual journey between Tavşanlı and Eskişehir instead of Kütahya-Eskişehir.
Eskişehir-Ankara between the high-speed rail (YHT) connected to the commencement of the commencement of rail buses commenced the ceremony.

Kütahya Governor Kenan Çiftçi stated that the first rail bus from Kütahya was met at the Tavşanlı Station and they started to do good works in unity and togetherness.
A month after they applied to the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), Çiftçi stated that the first rail bus came to Tavşanlı and thanked the managers of Tavşanlı for conveying their demands to the public.
İsmet Duman, Deputy General Director of TCDD said, ”Our General Directorate attaches importance to production. We also aim to produce high-speed train cars. Developments in railways will reveal the need for staff in this sector. Programs can be opened to educate students in universities. Bu

YHT connected rail bus transport time to Ankara by the 3 hour 50 minutes indicating that the AK Party Kütahya deputy Vural Kavuncu, belirten Ray bus and YHT, Tavşanlı'nın will contribute to the work with the introduction of the work. A dead end with a bunny rabbit will survive. Moreover, after the renewal of the last stage railway of 110 kilometers between Tavşanlı-Gökçedağ-Nusrat, Kütahya-Balıkesir regional train services will be restarted. Ayrıca

AK Party Kutahya deputy Idris Bal also pointed out that the size of a country worthy of seeing the people of all things worthy of pointing to the best, with the introduction of new high-speed train lines will be equipped with railways, such as the entire country will be equipped with railroads.

TCDD 7. Region Manager Enver Timurboğa pointed out that Tavşanlı was one of the fortunate districts that met the railway in 1929, and that the infrastructure of Eskişehir-Kütahya-Balıkesir YHT project started to be prepared.
After the speeches, a folk dance was presented and the ceremony ended with a bus fare from Kütahya.

Source: News X

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