Pamukova Travers Factory Torments Citizens

Pamukova sleeper factory
Pamukova sleeper factory

Pamukova Travers Factory Torments Citizens: As YHT Project approaches the end of the Haydarpaşa Ankara section, its importance has increased in Pamukova Station. The Need for Traverse and the Work of the Factory at Full Capacity Began to Affect the Daily Life of the Local People Negatively.

In the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) project between Istanbul and Ankara, shipment of the traverses used between the rails to the region started. When the freight trains closed the railway line passing through the district due to the dispatch, the crossing of the residents of the district turned into torture.

Thousands of tons of concrete sleepers to be used in the construction of YHT rails brought from other regions in Pamukova district, which are manufactured in the concrete sleeper factory, are transported to Pamukova railway station and dispatched to the destination. The carriages full of sleepers are also kept in unused wagon roads at the stations due to the density.

The fact that it is filled with freight wagons along Pamukova Station and concrete sleepers used for laying YHT rails around the station leaves the residents in the neighborhoods at the bottom of the railway in a difficult situation. People living in the area, who said they had difficulty going home because of hundreds of meters of freight wagons and tons of concrete sleepers at the station, said that they came face to face with death every day.

Having to go between the freight wagons and concrete sleepers to go from their homes to their schools every day, Pamukovans either pass under the wagon by crawling or climb over the freight wagon to reach the street. Especially for the elderly, this situation takes about torture, about 1 kilometer ahead to go to their homes. he said they had to cross the level crossing.

TCDD officials, this mobility will continue to a single more, there are no other lines to pull the freight wagons, he said.


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