Special Discount for Valentine's Day from Olympos Ropeway.

Olympos Teleferik, which is visited by local and foreign tourists from all countries and from all over the world, will give its guests a special surprise for Valentine's Day.de alternatif turizmin adresi "Olympos Teleferik" özel indirimler ile Sevgililer Gününde Sevgilileri 2365 mt. de buluşturacak.
Olympos Teleferik tarafından sevgililer günü için özel aksiyon yapılırken, 14 Şubat
30 TL for Turks. The discounted price will be applied in the application and at the summit will be offered red carnation at the entrance to all the ladies who come to the summit with complimentary hot wine.

In Kemer, the address of alternative tourism ünde Olympos Teleferik ”Valentine's Day Valentine's Day with special discounts 2365 mt. to meet.

Source : http://www.haberturizm.com



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