Noya Groupun Chairman Çetin Ateş has developed a project for air intersections and metrobus stops

Businessman Çetin Ateş has developed a project that will save Istanbul's intersection and metrobus stops from image and noise pollution. Noya Groupun Chairman Cetin Ates's project aims to make metrobus stops a modern living space with motorway intersections that are dangerous for pedestrians by producing aerial land.

Ateş has received a patent for his project titled ılar Overpass with Social Areas' and chose Avcılar as a pilot. Avcılar project, which will host units such as cruise terrace, newsagents, stationery, bank branches and cafes, can be in the form of ecological outlet of 150 thousand square meters. Ateş said that this project could be considered for all motorway intersections, train stops. Haramidere intersections, such as' park the otonu, continue to model car park areas can be done Fire, said the project will bring regular income to institutions such as highways and municipalities told. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ispark also depends on such 'saying that a fire coming out of the air company "if applied to project all the stops may turn to Turkey's largest companies. 4 billion pounds per year can bring income, N he said.

Rent an apartment in 100

Var Similar projects exist in many European countries, in Japan. The Japanese were on the second floor of the skyscraper. We don't see why “Ateş said that everyone has found the project beautiful, but because they have many stops and gates, ibi One person opposes the project; He also said Mr. Bureaucracy. o Ateş. We didn't think we should do the work. We even shared the issue with TURYAP managers. They evaluated the bottom of the Levent subway in this way. 400 dollar demand came to square meters. These can be rented to 100 dollars here, Bur he said. The ones with 100 million dollars in Europe are using Metro. Let's not make the BRTs more usable by making stops and gates a living space. Biz Businessman Fire project will also ensure the safety of passengers, and will give them places in this region will give the end of the punting told.


The project can be applied anywhere

Businessman, the pilot prepared for Avcılar 'ecological outlet project can be applied in many places, he said. Seyrantepe Stadium 15 minutes in the arrivals of the metro stating that they could not pass the fire ticari If there is a coat is put on, if commercial units are placed on, green areas, social areas are added to the problem is solved, N he said. Ateş uz We can combine Mecidiyekapı Cevahiri by transforming the area of ​​the bridge in Mecidiyeköy into bazaar-market and social areas. . It can be used as a six-islam. Altı

Source: Economy-News

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