The hooligans will pay the damage to the metrobuses.

Last weekend KadıköyFans, who played in Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derby, will pay heavy bills.

Acting in partnership with the Istanbul Police Kadıköy While the public prosecutor's office is dealing with 12 fanatics, 96 of whom are young, IETT will be involved in the trial process with compensation. In the metrobus used by many citizens in Istanbul, those who cause 485 thousand liras damage will be determined one by one. Based on the deterrence, the entire loss will be collected from these individuals.

The fact that some of the nearly two thousand Black and White football fans who crossed from the European side to the Asian continent made 11 metrobus unusable, drew a great reaction from the public. Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said, “The necessary punishment will be given to those who do this and IETT will be taken to the judiciary for compensation for their losses. Those involved in the events will also be identified from the camera recordings.” legal investigation speed kazanwas. The situation of 96 out of 61 hooligans was evaluated according to the Law No. 6222 on the Prevention of Violence and Disorder in Sports. Regarding 23 fans, the Misdemeanor Law came into effect for causing disturbance to the environment and similar crimes before and during the match. All 96 people referred to the prosecutor's office were released after their statements; however, the investigation was further deepened.

The police, who examined the images, news and photos in the press organs, scrutinized the camera records in the metrobus and attached to Mobese. It was determined that the Fenerbahce rides the metrobus and Beşiktaş residents throw torch at Söğütlüçeşme stop and one of them injured the police officer. It was seen that those who had removed 13 emergency towers to break the windows and then stolen, cut the numerous seats in the vehicles with knives. Due to the metrobus, whose glass was salt and ice, IETT lost 55 thousand liras in financial terms. IETT, who has received phone calls from many Istanbul residents for the last few days, is determined not to chase the previous events this time. KadıköyBeşiktaş Club, which does not want a bus from the municipality for its 2.600 supporters going to Istanbul, will not be affected by the compensation claim. But IETT and security forces will be able to file a public trial for those who caused the conflict. Reporting the destruction of the Beşiktaş audience in Şükrü Saracoğlu, Fenerbahçe will receive the expenses from the Football Federation.

Paragraph 152 of article 1 of the Turkish Penal Code titled 'Qualified ways to damage property' is as follows: “The crime of damaging property; In the event that it is committed about the place, building, facility or other property belonging to public institutions and organizations, allocated to the public service or reserved for the public benefit, the offender is sentenced to one to six years' imprisonment. ”

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