New era in metrobuses

The bazaar model in subway stations is also being transported to metrobuses. Istanbulliler will have the opportunity to shop at small stores to be established at stops.

The bazaar is coming to the metrobus stops. The collection points on the metrobus lines used by nearly 1 million people a day will be turned into bazaars. The areas currently used by vendors will be converted into commercial areas and leased, as in metro stops. TURYAP Marketing Coordinator Mustafa İpek, in his statement to the world, said Taksim-4. He noted that they have leased a commercial area of ​​110 thousand 2 square meters at 50 points on the Levent line and Aksaray-Airport line. More food-related businesses will be opened at the stops.


Six Jewelery and Accessories is the first store that people see when entering the metro from Metrocity. Noting that they opened a branch of a chain with 440 stores in the world, Ayça Şamsutdinov said, “We broke the world record in the week we first opened”. Ender Saraç is also among those who rent a shop in Çarşı.


  • In addition to the 2 square meter Çarşı Pazar at the Levent Station, a 600 square meter children's floor is organized.
  • Fashion TV will open its first textile store in Istanbul with the I Love Fashion brand here.
  • The corridor between Zorlu Center and Gayrettepe metro line will also be evaluated. There will always be a real estate fair. It will include the promotion offices of private university and branded housing projects that offer education in the property license program.


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