Metrobus stops turning into a bazaar.

By renting empty spaces in Metro stations, Turyap AŞ provides a guarantee of 6 million dollars for Transportation Inc. and now works to transform metrobus fields into markets.

Collecting points on the metrobus lines used by people near the 1 million every day turn into a bazaar-market. At the moment, the areas used by the peddlers will be converted into commercial areas as IETT's request, just like in metrobus stops.

Turyap Marketing Coordinator Mustafa İpek, who said that they are leasing 4 thousand 110 square meters of commercial areas at 2 points on the Taksim 50. Levent line and Aksaray Airport line, said, “IETT asked us to work on the metrobus. Because the metrobus has too many passengers. We are working with IETT in Metrobus. Collection centers such as Mecidiyeköy, Zincirlikuyu, and Uzunçayır have empty channels of 2000-2500 square meters. It is full of vendors now. "We will turn these places into bazaars just like in the subway."


In addition to the Turyap metro stations, it transforms the pedestrian corridors connecting the stations into underground bazaars. Stating that they have created commercial areas that do not interfere with security at passenger crossing points that have never been used until today, Mustafa İpek said, “Our aim is to overcome the psychology of the people in the subway and to show that the life there is alive. The second is to meet their needs, and the third is trade. Our first project has been very successful. We put a world of coffee at each station, bakery products at each station, and newspaper kiosks at each station.

Fourth, we put in payment points. Apart from that, we sprinkled. In some stations we sprinkled bookshops, some cosmetics, some shoemakers according to need. After this project was successful, two more projects came out. “Çarşı Pazar, on the 180-meter corridor between Metrocity and Kanyon, and the other will be a corridor between Zorlu Center and Zincirlikuyu”.

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