Malatya, Light Rail System Prepared

Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, 5-6 said they plan to move to light rail system in the year.

Providing information to the audience at the Panorama Program at Kampus FM, which operates within İnönü University, Çakır stated that it started off with the slogan "Five Star Malatya" and that it is moving rapidly towards Malatya, which is longed for with its infrastructure, planned growing projects, problem determinations, solutions and green spaces.

Reminding that the number specified as the population was caught in order for Malatya to become a metropolitan city, Çakır noted that Malatya will be one of the important centers of the region.

Industry, in terms of a major breakthrough, the increase of modern facilities in the city's social, economic and cultural contribution to the city also emphasized that a large contribution to the city, saving the city from a single-centric structure will be an important step in solving the traffic problems, he said.

Noting that the roads will be relaxed and at this point, the light rail system will be switched to in the next 5-6 years, Çakır said, "The main thing is what our citizens expect, namely the direction of the services."

Stating that they attach great importance to a construction that continues by making it suitable for construction, Çakır noted that they are planning to make botanical and zoo projects in an area of ​​300 decares in Karakavak. Stating that they will especially develop the areas of the city to breathe, Çakır stated that works that will suit Malatya in every aspect are done and will continue to be done.

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