Level crossings gain new standards

Level crossings are reaching new standards: The commission, which continues its work for level crossing accidents, came together with the authorities of the General Directorate of Highways. Traffic markings and other standards at level crossings were redefined.

In the works carried out under the chairmanship of Adnan Ekinci, Consultant of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, traffic signs and means of passage of vehicles at level crossings were reviewed.

It was agreed that the current system was not sufficiently stimulating on the drivers.

Prior to the restructuring of the level crossings, a risk analysis covering all passages was made and it was decided to determine the priorities.

At the meeting, it was decided that the new standards should be connected to the protocol and to be included in the Highways Traffic Regulation in order to implement the new standards.

The other decision taken at the meeting was as follows:

1-) Conversion of 150 parts of asphalt or paving stones of the approach roads of all level crossings.

2-) Slope of the highway 50.m.

3-) Narrowing the width of the highway lanes in the passage areas (except for city transitions)

4-) In the level crossing in both directions, in the middle of the highway, in yellow color, 25 cm height, from the stone material, 150 m. separation in the form of a median neck rail or New Jersey type A concrete railing.

5-) Positioning of traffic signs used in level crossing approaches (in intervals of 100-200-300 m.) In the direction of arrival and departure T-25 controlled, writing 'CAUTION RAIL' into rectangular plate under uncontrolled level crossing plates of T26, high performance If the reflective material is illuminated, the diamont type material shall be used.

6-) On the roadway crossing the level crossing, 150 m. long, yellow, 10 cm height with the laying of the floor and the GRP edge pylons and the right side of the red left and white reflectors.

7-) In the level crossing approach, the 80 m. Offset Scanning.

8-) It is necessary to physically stimulate the road vehicles on the roadways at the level crossings and to make necessary horizontal markings.

9-) Monitoring of level crossings by camera and imposition of punishment for inspections.

10-) Converting the above mentioned new standards into a Project, sending it to the KGM, sending it to the Provincial Governors' Office after being passed through the Traffic Safety Control.

In the meantime, the Ministry of National Education primary schools and the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the supervision of driving courses in the course of crossing the road vehicles to be followed by the rules to be adhered to the training curriculum continues to be added to the study.

ILCAD, which is a part of the International Railway Association (UCI) and has been invited to inform the public about level crossing, was invited in January. meetings were held with the participation of the authorities and exchanged views on the applications.

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