Keltepe became 'disappointed hill'

📩 24/11/2018 14:05

Keltepe became 'disappointed hill': Let the promises given for Keltepe keep in place, what happened right next to us made us revolt.

Politicians on Keltepe 'Our negotiations are continuing. If the ski federation responds positively, the work will be started immediately. The neighboring province of Kastamonu received full support from the Ministry and the Ski Federation for Yurdum Tepe in Ilgaz. Construction works for Ilgaz Yurdum Tepe were awarded for 21 million 832 thousand TL.

As of the 1997, Karabük agenda, 2007 Keltepe Ski Center project, which is being taken into the investment program is being given the 'work in progress' messages are given, the neighboring province Kastamonu'dan news from the 'flaming hill' Keltepe clearly showed.

With a height of 2000 meters, the highest point of the Western Black Sea region, fascinating with its highlands and forests, the summit is expected to receive a favorable response from the Ski Federation for Keltepe, which was covered with snow until the end of May. tender held.

Ilgaz Yurdum Hill, which is superior to many ski runs in Uludag and 3 thousand 40 meter-long, hourly 500 person carrying the capacity of the production of the chairlift in front of the tender was done in Kastamonu. The Swiss firm made the most appropriate offer in the tender. The construction of the new ski slope at Ilgaz Yurdum Tepe will be started in the following days and the next winter season will be raised.

Finally, the AK Party deputy Mehmet Ali Sahin, told the journalists related to Keltepe, said the negotiations with the Ski Federation continued. He said that if the federation gave a positive answer to the federation, they would start work immediately.