Kars Logistics Center will cost 50 Million pounds

AK Party Kars Deputies Ahmet Arslan and Prof. Dr. Yunus Kılıç stated that the Logistics Center, which will be established in the village of Mezra within the scope of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, will cost approximately 50 million TL.

AK Party Deputies noted that within the scope of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway project, the Logistics Center will be established at the Mezra stop, located at the intersection of the Kars-Tbilisi and Kars-Iğdır railway projects, 13 kilometers east of Kars.

In recent days, the center of the logistics center will not be set up in Kars to draw attention to the citizens of the AK Party Kars deputies noted. Dr. Yunus Kılıç and Ahmet Arslan said that the logistics center will be set up in Kars.

AK Party Deputies Ahmet Arslan, who stated that Kars will become the logistics base with the logistics center to be established at Mezra Village Stop, Dr. Yunus Kılıç; “The installation cost of this logistics center is 50 million TL. Not even 1 percent of the setup cost return. When the high-speed train route is completed, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway is completed, the logistics center is completed, and the four-year contribution to the logistics sector will be measured in billions of dollars. There are those who want to confuse the people of Kars. There have been inconsistent statements that the logistics center will not be established in Kars in recent days. They will definitely be established in the logistics center Kars without any doubt. ”

Kars Tbilisi, Kars At the intersection of the Iğdır railway projects at the Mezra stop approximately 300 thousand square meters of Kars Logistic Center underlining the establishment of the deputies Ahmet Arslan underlined that Professor. Dr. Yunus Kılıç; Var There are very important developments in Kars. Those who don't want to see these. They're confusing people with different things. The AK Party government attaches great importance to Kars, especially our Prime Minister. In order to realize the project of the Earth in Kars, the 'Iron Silk Road' project that will connect Kars to Beijing, London, will really change the face of Kars. Is it possible not to see it? What we promise to our citizens in the selection process will be fulfilled if they were. Nobody should be suspicious of this. This year, Kars Dam will continue where it left off. BTK Railway line continues quickly. Airport Terminal Building is being made despite winter. Double road works between Kars and Erzurum continue. Kars

In Kars Logistics Center; 8 railway lines reaching the warehouse area, 5 railway lines in the bonded area, 9 warehouse warehouses (148 thousand 752 square meters area), Entrance security building, Customs administration building, Customs brokers building, Catenary and poso building, Logistics companies building, Logistics center administration building, Guesthouse, Signalization and electrification control center, Heat center Water tank, Mosque, General kitchen, Fire Brigade, Land vehicles maintenance and repair, Health center, Signalization and electrification building,, Social facilities (Restaurant and Shopping Mall), Driver rest facility, TCDD administrative building, TCDD dining hall, Turkish bath, Fuel station and Total closed area will be 173 thousand 851 square meters. Thousands of people will work in the Logistics Center.

Source: UAV

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