Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will dig with the Gulf of TCDD

Gulf of Izmir that went hand in increasing the recovery and port capacity from shallow Metropolitan Municipality with TCDD, just as an example to Turkey Aliaga-Menderes line will demonstrate a model of cooperation. Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, Izmir Gulf for the second time sat on the table.

TCDD, which aims to increase its capacity by expanding Alsancak Port with the municipality, which wants to open a circulation channel in the north of the bay and to prevent shallowing by cleaning the mouths of the creeks, has reached an important point in the works they have been carrying out for months. TCDD has signed a contract with the firm that will provide consultancy services for the preparation of the EIA report and the EIA decisions within the scope of the Izmir Bay and Izmir Port Rehabilitation Project. İZSU, TCDD and DLH officials who came together for a new cooperation exchanged views on the studies and methods to be carried out. Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also attended the meeting at the General Directorate of IZSU.

Stating that the Great Gulf Project is directly related to the survival of the Izmir inner gulf, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, k The alluvial flow from the creeks into the bay is flowing. These alluviums gradually fill and fill the gulf. We have seriously revised the Grand Canal Project, which started with a work of more than one year, through works such as cleaning and additional line construction for the last two years.

By the end of the summer, we will be able to deepen the creek mouths and certain parts of the Izmir Bay with a crawler that will start to serve in the end, and ensure that it is continuously scanned and the alluvials removed. In addition, the circulation channel to be opened in the north axis will increase the quality of the water and will bring vitality to the bay. Ayrıca

Kocaoglu, the last four years with the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology of the Dokuz Eylül University and they will carry out the scientific ground for the project by recording that the heavy tonnage ships can not approach the harbor lost blood every day, increasing the depth of the city's economy will be strengthened, he added. TCDD officials gave information about the works to be done at the port. Company officials who will provide consultancy services within the scope of the tender opened by TCDD also attended the meeting.

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