“I Love İZBAN” project reached 10 thousand students

Within the scope of the “I Love İZBAN” project, İZBAN visited the schools and told the elementary school students about the sensitivities of rail transportation, and provided face-to-face communication with 10 students.

Implementing the “I Love İZBAN” project in October in order to teach the sensitivity of rail public transportation to the STUDENTS and to ensure that they own the trains, İZBAN provided face-to-face communication with 39 thousand students in 10 schools in Izmir.

Aliaga, Bayraklı, Buca, KarşıyakaVisiting 39 schools within walking distance of İZBAN stations in Konak, Menemen, Çiğli and Gaziemir, İZBAN team organized 145 seminars and informed the children with entertaining presentations. Introducing students to İZB, the mascot of İZBAN, and distributing fun booklets explaining the rules of rail transportation, the İZBAN team did not neglect to give football, basketball and volleyball balls to each school in memory of the day.

The İZBAN team, which faces the intense interest of students in every school they attend, will now organize the painting competition, which is the second leg of the "I Love İZBAN" project. Stating that the jury will be determined after obtaining the necessary permissions from the Directorate of National Education, İZBAN officials said, “Our children are the bright future of this country. How they see and paint İZBAN is very important for us. These pictures will show us that İZBAN is not just about trains and stations ”.

Source : I www.yerelgundem.co



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