Litigation Preparation by Izban for Fanatics

Karşıyaka After the Izmir derby, which was played at Atatürk Stadium at 19.00 on Sunday, between Göztepe and Göztepe football teams, the events that a fanatic group on the Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) train leads to poisoning and harm, while the institution uses legal ways to punish the perpetrators.

In order to ensure that the perpetrators are tried and punished under the Violence Law in Sport, İZBAN A.Ş., which will include all the records in the train and station, and the witnesses' statements in the case file, has prepared a damage assessment report. The images of the fanatics who make an incident in the file, their damage to the train and the threats to the safety of the passengers in the train are clearly displayed.

Karşıyaka- The train departing from Halkapınar Station at 21.55 after the football match between Göztepe teams had to stop due to the unnecessary pull of the safety arms after some of the fanatics left the station. The fanatics, who prevented thousands of passengers on the train from returning after the match with peace and confidence, repeated their movements despite the intervention, and therefore caused a failure of one of the train sets and delayed for more than 1 hour. With the intervention of the police, the train set was taken to the station, passengers were transferred to the other train, and during this process, a total of 90 minutes of torture were experienced. In addition, the windows of the trains were broken, and various parts of the train were blown and damaged by painting.

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