Transportation vehicles carrying the most passengers in Istanbul

Last year, public transportation vehicles affiliated with İETT, Şehir Hatları, İDO, ÖHO and İstanbul Transportation Inc. transported 1 billion 755 million 60 thousand 568 passengers to the places they wanted.

According to the information compiled by AA correspondent Istanbul Electricity, Tramway and Tunnel Operations (İETT), City Lines, İstanbul Sea Buses (İDO), Private Public Buses (ÖHO) and İstanbul Transportation Inc. data, IETTs are the most common vehicles in urban transportation in 2011. It was used.

IETT, which carries out its public transportation services with approximately 8 thousand 850 employees, 593 lines and 2 thousand 609 buses, made 13 thousand 600 trips a day last year. 555 million passengers were transported in the city in a year by IETT buses. 253 thousand 108 of the passengers transported by IETT buses, which travel approximately 844 kilometers per bus per day, were disabled.

315 3 300 700 vehicles were used in various parts of the Söğütlüçeşme metrobus line. One year 255 thousand passengers were transported by 500 million 109 minutes per passenger per day, with annual 28 savings, while 242 tons of fuel savings was achieved.

Nostalgic Tram, which runs between Taksim and Tunel, and 661 thousand 500 passengers travel in a year, while the yearly 4 million 950 thousand passengers moved through the Beyoğlu-Karaköy tunnel line.

In 2011, a total of 816 million 111 thousand 500 passengers were transported to their destination with buses connected to IETT, metrobus, nostalgic tram and Beyoğlu-Karaköy Tunnel line.

- 30 times world tour-

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a subsidiary of Istanbul City Lines Inc. 1 October 2010 in the ferry service that continues to service, 2011 3 705 192 in the year, 708 thousand XNUMX expeditions per year.

Boats, which have been serving for 161 years as an enjoyable means of transportation to the Bosphorus, which is the indispensable nostalgia of Istanbul, carried 14 million 34 thousand passengers in a year with 9 even 43 passenger ferries and 781 service engines.

City Lines steamers have been entangled around the world 3 once a year by covering the average 300 thousand 30 kilometers every day. City Line ferries, which make a daily average 550 voyage, in 2011 1 million 203 thousand 800 kilometers (650 thousand miles) has come the way.


IDO carried 2011 million 52 thousand 713 passengers in 686. Most passengers, 39 million 422 thousand 292 people transported by car with ferry lines, the fast ferry 6 million 744 thousand 358 people, Sea Buses 4 905 752 1 million 641 284 Xnumx even on the outside, XNUMX XNUMX thousand XNUMX passengers carried.

6 million 422 thousand 292 vehicles were transported by car ferries affiliated with IDO, and 1 million 265 thousand 251 vehicles were transported by fast ferries.

Daily 144 422 21 passenger and 62 33 2011 car transporter and 53 to the point of the reciprocal navigation İDO, XNUMX served in XNUMX ships with total.

According to 2010, IDO increased its passenger carrying capacity by 6 and its vehicle carrying capacity by 11.

547 million 500 thousand passengers with ÖHO -

Private Public Buses providing public transportation services under the management, execution and supervision of the General Directorate of IETT on behalf of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality carried 2011 million 547 thousand passengers in 500 in the city.

ÖHO, which provides services with 271 thousand 2 buses on 106 lines, used 172 of these lines jointly with IETT buses. Carrying approximately 1,5 million passengers a day on these lines, ÖHO traveled 11 thousand kilometers with approximately 568 thousand daily trips and served Istanbulites with 3 thousand drivers.

-Through rail, subway, funicular and cable car-

In 2011, 294 million 954 thousand 382 passengers were carried in the city with the tram, metro, funicular and cable car affiliated to Istanbul Transportation Inc. Transportation Inc., which has 8 lines in total, made 67 trips in a year.

Most passenger transport process took place in December with 27 million 84 thousand 562 people, while at least the passenger also moved in February with the 21 million 723 thousand 632 people.

The rail system line with the highest number of passengers in the city is Bağcılar with a total of 103 million 997 thousand 896 people.Kabataş It was the tram line with 19,5 kilometers of line length and 31 stations.

The rail system line that carries the least passenger Kadıköy It happened on the nostalgic tram line serving in Moda. With a line length of 2,6 kilometers and 10 stations, 577 passengers were carried annually.

Eyüp-Piyerloti cable car served 1 million 541 thousand 88 citizens in one year. KabataşThe funicular system serving between Taksim and 9 million 562 thousand 656 people used last year.

Source: AA

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