How much longer will it multiply?

Of course I had my general knowledge, I wanted to examine it a little deeper. How does this Marmaray Project?

First you will submit, then you will consider the broader issues one by one. If I say "I couldn't get out of it", it would be appropriate.

If the population of Istanbul was 5 million today, would they be needed? This is the point. I think it wouldn't be heard. It would be both possible and easy to achieve a satisfactory balance without the need for riddling.

Istanbul 7 hills are said for the wall. 77 peaks actually! Soft and sensitive top as well. A seaside city with a historical texture… A first degree and anticipated earthquake zone… So it has a special seriousness and kindness.

While a patient is undergoing a versatile operation, his general condition is taken into consideration. Their age, sensitivities, allergies, immune system, heart, lungs and weaknesses are considered and evaluated. Possibilities of complications are taken into account. "Is Istanbul's general history, geographic-geological-urban structure suitable for such a project?" The question is a matter of contemplation in itself.

I watched the program prepared by Discovery. Very beautifully done. Full of mind-boggling technological processes. You are watching with amazement and admiration. Huge pieces are produced, lowered to the bottom of the sea and assembled.

There is not a project but a "set of projects". Even the integrity of this poem is a separate project subject. Who will decide how and on what issue? How will a "central brain" be formed above all? I do not understand yet. No such person appears. There are only institution names.

An architect does not know exactly what the civil engineer knows; but they have an idea about general technological and financial opportunities. In such a project, how will you combine the designer and the practitioner information? This is not a frequent work, there are even a few examples in the world; Moreover, this is different and more difficult than all. The others aren't that deep. Connection projects are not as complicated and problematic as we are.

I'm in a state of amazement, and partly in hesitation. Very interesting are also very attractive; but is it rational? It is not easy to think about the potential risks, it does not usually open to some negligence in very attractive jobs and it is not easy to be free from this psychology. As I said, if Istanbul 5 could be stable in a million I would not find this project appropriate. I want the third, fourth bridge.

The closure of certain squares to traffic is pleasant at first sight. There is talk that even Fevzipaşa Street is closed to traffic. The absence of traffic was the only "negative zoning" practice of the Menderes period that disrupted Beyazıt Square. The pool square with trams on both sides; He was subjected to an unhealing ugliness. Treeless, traffic-free concrete block voids damage the confidence and aesthetic feelings of people. It was so in Beyazıt. The beautiful thing is not the lack of traffic, but the flowing traffic.

... Istanbul Turkey closer to 15 million, and one in five! Is this normal? Is it possible to bring this progressive anomaly to a normal balance? Half a century of tired residences above ground, unlicensed residential buildings, suburbs, interspersed skyscrapers; modern transport channels underground! The phrase "going out on the street" will probably disappear. We will go into the tunnel and travel, exit the tunnel and return home! There is also the movement of schools outside of the city. Come and do not get nostalgic! The schools of my childhood, primary-middle-high school-university, were all within walking distance.

Contradictions are growing and growing. As I write this sentence, an inner voice says, “Not all contradictions are contradictions. A harmony can be established between the contrasts, the bad one is inaccession. " Of course I'm silent. This language is incomprehensible! It is alive and cannot be understood. Are we going to talk about "culture and technology" now? Let's move on! How much more can we increase the capacity of this city with skyscrapers and floors? It was necessary not only to make roads, but also to open the way of thinking. Istanbul is growing uncontrollably and we are trying to keep up with it. "Air-rail" is not enough for this going.

Source: Time



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