Ankara-Konya-Ankara High-Speed ​​Trains were Adjusted in Time and Time

High-speed trains operated between Ankara-Konya-Ankara were adjusted for 9 February 2012 due to heavy winter conditions.

According to this;

YHTs move from Ankara;

  • 07.00 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 10.00 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 14.30 Xinjiang posture,
  • 18.30 Xinjiang and Polatlı posture,
  • 21.15 Xinjiang posture,

The hours of YHT's moving from Konya;

  • 07.00 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,
  • 10.00 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,
  • 14.30 Xinjiang posture,

  • 18.30 Polatlı and Xinjiang posture,

  • 21.00 Xinjiang posture,

  • The DMU set between Konya-Karaman and Konya and the YHT connection times with Selçuk Express were also rearranged. According to the new application;

    • Xantom 05.40 and 17.00, movement clock 07.56 of the Selcuk Express
  • Moving hours of YHT-linked DMU sets from Konya 09.20 and 20.45, movement time of Selcuk Express 17.00,
  • it will be.

    Passengers who take the tickets to the canceled flights will be carried out with the next train service upon request and the tickets of the passengers who have given up the travel will be returned without any interruption.

    It will be publicly honored.


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