High Speed ​​Train Project in Izmir and Denizli

Aydın Chamber of Commerce (AYTO), the high-speed train project between İzmir and Denizli, brought to the agenda by İsmail Hakkı Dokuzlu, has excited Aydın. The delegation of Aydın, who had contacts in Ankara for the project, happily returned from the capital. Calling for support for Izmir and Denizli for the project, Dokuzlu said, "If the high-speed train comes into play, the greatest service to İzmir, Aydın and Denizli cities will be realized recently."

Noting that the state opened the Ankara-Eskişehir high-speed train line, the Ankara-Konya line, AYTO President İsmail Hakkı Dokuzlu stated that “Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Sivas lines will be implemented by 2015, Noting that the Izmir-Antalya line also appeared in the program until the year, Dokuzlu said, “We have made an application with a petition sent to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. Our petition; Of the first railway line in Turkey Izmir-high-speed rail line is recalling Aydın line İzmir-Aydın's not much you need to be absolutely up to Denizli and this line of state-making, do we have pointed out what should be done with is unable build-operate-transfer model. Our petition, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has responded through the General Directorate. and we held a meeting in TCDD General Directorate in Ankara ”.


Stating that they held a meeting with General Manager Süleyman Karaman, Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman and department heads at TCDD General Directorate for approximately 2 hours, “We were briefed about speed trains in this meeting. We also exchanged views. In this meeting, we explained the necessity of Izmir-Denizli high speed train line. We have stated that this route contains modern cities and that the connection between İzmir and Denizli is very important. TCDD General Manager and deputy directors, whom we met, said that an expropriation and feasibility study is being carried out on this route. They noted that there was no obstacle to the project as long as the investment was feasible.

They stated that they were very excited about making such an offer with the non-governmental organizations and professional chambers, and that they were very pleased to see that we did not expect everything from the state and that we were trying to see them. ”

SHOULD BE OWNED IN Denizli and Izmir

Stating that they will hold a second meeting in Aydın after the feasibility studies on the route, AYTO President İsmail Hakkı Dokuzlu said,

I do not think there is anything about Aydın. The high-speed train project is an issue that concerns both Izmir and Denizli. After this stage, we want both Izmir and Denizli to support this project with both civil society organizations and their local administrative supervisors. We plan to have a wider and more comprehensive meeting with the participation of İzmir and Denizli in the second meeting we will hold in Aydın. ”


The high-speed train is seen as the most important means of transportation in the new era voicing provide energy savings of Turkey Ismail Hakki Nine, "We have made a small-scale survey in 2010, Eskişehir Ankara line have used a million people. The number of passengers using this line in 2011 exceeded 2 million. Since the number of people traveling between Eskişehir and Ankara will not increase this much in a year, it means that people have left their private vehicle and preferred the high-speed train. There are 20 flights daily between Eskişehir and Ankara. According to the information we received from the Aydın Station, we learned that the occupancy rates of the trains between Aydın and İzmir are 150 percent. This shows how high the potential in Aydın is. This potential will definitely increase several times when switching to high speed train. There is a university in Aydın whose student is based on 30 thousand. and there is an education battalion, which is vacant from 3 months to 3 months. In fact, Denizli has a university with more students than this number. Again, there are thousands of Aydınlı and Denizli students studying in İzmir. Aydın and Denizli have high commercial and economic connections. briefly, we would like the Izmir-Denizli high-speed train project to be implemented by reminding the reasons for the railway line that was established 150 years ago. ”


Listing the benefits of the high speed train project, İsmail Hakkı Dokuzlu said, “High speed train will contribute to our state in terms of saving our energy resources. It will also save time. If the high-speed train comes into play, the biggest service to İzmir, Aydın and Denizli cities will be realized recently. ”

Source: UAV

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