Dreams that disappear with speed ...

ANKARA ? Eskişehir and Ankara? The ease of Konya high speed train lines is indisputable. Now Ankara?

The high-speed train project, which will reduce the time for the Istanbul line to three hours, is on the agenda. However, last week, due to the work to be stopped because all the stops will stop, the historic symbol of Istanbul's Haydarpasa Train Station for two years in Anatolia will be disconnected from the news received.

We will not be able to enter Istanbul from Haydarpasa Train Station for two years. At the end of two years, we will be able to salute the city from Istanbul. Maybe it's going to be a very cliche, but nothing will be the same.

Maybe we will go to Istanbul faster, but as we accelerate, we will soon understand the destruction of our souls and what we have left behind.
We will no longer have time to make new friendships in the dining car. Obviously, we will not be able to take our dreams with us while the train is sliding on the tracks.

While many things about life are accelerating, the areas where people can slow down, relax and listen to themselves are decreasing. This means that dreams will decrease in time.

Çağan Irmak's unforgettable movie “My Father and My Son” is still in the memories of many of us in the memory of the little Deniz by looking through the window of the train on the way back to the village. Are I big, Istanbul? edas…

Let's finish the article by sending greetings to Yahya Kemal; If 'Ankara's best part is its return to Istanbul', it is undoubtedly the most beautiful 'hello' to the city.

The symbol of elegance Keriman Halis

Last week, we lost Keriman Halis Ece, the first of the Miss Turkey contest in 1932 and the World Beauty Queen of the same year. Keriman Halis had lived this pride for the first time in our country with its beauty and elegance. It was not only the Queen of Beauty, it was also one of the main symbols of modernization in a country that emerged from the war and was ignored shortly before the women.

The meaning and importance of Turkey after receiving the news of death Keriman Halis Ece between the separate Beauties, another meaning for our family, which is another very beautiful in Turkey comes to mind. 1979 Fine Sebnem Turkey Unal (Yamaga). My middle aunt. It is one of the symbols of beauty and elegance for me. I remember Keriman Halis Ece, one of the symbols of beautiful, elegant and cultured Turkish women, with respect and mercy.

Source: Köşem Sultan - Hürriyet


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