High speed train line protest in Italy

1 was injured during the actions of the people of the region against the high-speed train line planned to be built between the city of Turin in Italy and Lyon, France.

The protest against the high-speed train line tunnels near Val di Susa, between Turin and the French border, was re-enacted yesterday with actions that began throughout the country.

In the last episode of protests that have been going on since last summer, Lucca Abba, one of the leaders of the protesters, was climbed to hang a flag in an electric transformer in the town of Chiomonte. Abba was hospitalized immediately after the incident and was in a coma. The Turin Prosecutor's Office also launched an investigation into the matter.

In the high-speed anti-train activities that crossed the country, a section of the A32 highway between Turin and Bardonecchia was closed by activists. A group of activists also occupied the platforms at the Termini Station, which was the central train station of Rome, in the evening, causing shortages and delays.

The protestors reported that the road between the city of Turin and the border with France and the high-speed train line crossing the road passing through the town of Val di Susa continued and had a negative impact on road transport.

One of the reasons for the protests; the tunnel will pass near the previously detected uranium and asbestos materials in the depths of the mountain, which will affect human health negatively.

The existing line between Turin and Lyon is expected to be replaced by an 57 tunnel. 13 kilometers of this tunnel on the Italian side of the remains and the 20 for years on this tunnel continues to be discussed.

Source: AA

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