Haydarpaşa is closing. What about the post?

date today 12 quarry 1920 haydarpasa bagdat railways 4
date today 12 quarry 1920 haydarpasa bagdat railways 4

When the date 1 shows February, the historical Haydarpasa Train Station will no longer be the last stop of trains from Anatolia until 2014. 2014 was transformed into a kind of mileage in terms of country transportation, especially with the reconstruction of the railways, which is an important vessel in transportation, we will have a high-speed train line in Ankara, which will be the most important line of Haydarpasa Train Station. I used the Barcelona-Madrid high-speed train line 2 years ago, and felt the need for something like this between Istanbul and Ankara.

Among all these high speed train trains, Haydarpaşa Train Station stands as a work of Kazım Koyuncu. This is the project area of ​​this period was the Haydarpasa Train Station and I had the opportunity to work in this field, and I produced projects in this field with my own literature researches, I can accept that it is a student project because it is a utopian, but not applicable, as a result of the museum of Et Fish and Haydarpasa Gar's museum. and transforming it into cultural center functions, moving the last station to willowling, and looking at NewYork City Railway Park example in the areas where there are maintenance workshops and rails. I do not really understand that the same impulse as the university model, which is not a burden to the state, the state should not hurt, of course, but in the areas that contribute to the citizen should not profit.

After all this, I will tell you the future of Haydarpaşa Train Station, my friends, once the maintenance workshops are going to Gebze, we need new workshops with the arrival of new trains, the new rails and the trains will reach Haydarpaşa from Gebze. There will be a symbolic garage in Haydarpaşa, but the main task will be the hotel function and it will provide a big tourist income, who knows, maybe we will wait and see the utopian Haydarpaşa Port project.

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