Haydarpasa Train Station 's Bitter Story! ..

date today 12 quarry 1920 haydarpasa bagdat railways 4
date today 12 quarry 1920 haydarpasa bagdat railways 4

On February 1, 2012, activities were stopped at Haydarpaşa Station for 2 years. People love their memories. This station building is full of memories of almost every person who went abroad. We should endure this holiday made for a very high quality service like YHT.

This station building was built in the years 1906-1908. The architecture of the station is from the Germans and costs us. It was built for Istanbul-Baghdad railway. The line was then extended to Damascus and Medina from Aleppo. Very strategic transportation line. The juice of the Middle East, which is not the proper way. In the last hundred years, the most critical oil region was breathing. The confiscation of the Committee of Union and Progress, Tripoli, the First World War and the monstrosity of the occupation of Anatolia were always made for this. During the 1 World War I, the only target of Lawrence and his battles for the 4 year was the destruction of this railway. While the warfare continues; In Qut, General Townshend, the Commander of the British 'D' Expeditionary Forces, with his unit 29 was captured in April 1916, Halil Pasha. The delivered 5 General 3000 delivered British, 7000 Indian soldiers and 3300 civilian weapons. Townshend did not surrender his own weapons. This prevented the Turkish army from receiving the supplies and ammunition. Townshend 22 20 was brought to Istanbul at May 1916 with an honorable guest journey once a day. This prisoner was free to do anything. From swimming to hunting. The pavilion was allocated to his residence in Heybeliada. While the warfare continues; This prisoner was acquainted with all the military information of the Turkish side. 16's month of arrival in Istanbul, 24 September 1917'da Haydarpaşa Station was exploded as a result of sabotage. In his memoirs of the captive general who was in Heybeliada at the time, he describes the fire as follows:

“From here I could see the flames rising to the sky in the form of a tongue in the dark. Fire; It emerged from the breakage of a steamed crane while carrying a bomb from a torch near the train station to the dock. In the explosion, the station suddenly burst into flames. At the station were oil-laden trains ready to depart for Aleppo to be sent to the Baghdad expeditionary force. About a thousand people perished (martyrs). There was a large amount of ammunition and ammunition at the station. The explosive ammunition flew into the air like cartridges and rained down on the ships in the Bosphorus. The damage was five million lira. "

The information that a prisoner knows is presented to my readers.

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