In Gaziantep, the driver of an alcoholic driver entered the tramway.

In Gaziantep, the driver of an alcoholic driver entered the tramway.

According to information obtained, Ertan Ö. (45) led by the 27 J 5853 license plate, the driver lost control of the steering wheel in front of the Provincial Police Department entered the tramway. The car driver who descended from the car after the accident could not be surprised at the incident. In the accident there were no casualties, but the driver of the car calmed witnesses. Off the tram road after the accident was closed. Passengers carrying the tram lift the car for over half an hour

waited. Traffic policemen and traffic teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, who came to the scene, tried to pull the car that blocked the tramway by taking the support of the citizens of the surrounding area. After the endeavors failed, the hammer was called. With the tow truck belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality coming to the scene, the car involved in the accident was pulled off the road. In order to prevent a possible accident, the traffic police closed the highway until the vehicle was removed. With the help of the car's tow truck

After the removal of the accident scene, the tramway and highway were re-opened. On the other hand, after the accident by the traffic police examination of the car driver 1.70 promil alcoholic was determined. Traffic police who applied criminal operations to the driver handed the car to another driver.

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