The world by Forbes magazine; 12 famous tram line with features like the longest line

In the world by the famous Forbes magazine; 12 famous tram line with the most beautiful view, the most crowded and the longest line was determined. The tram line in Odessa, Ukraine is the first 12 with the feature of being the subject of the most jokes. took place. Odesa tram, which has the most anecdote and anecdote on it, managed to leave the tram of many cities behind.
Odesa tram is famous comedians; Isaac Babel, Illya Ilf, Yevgeniy Petrov and Mihail Jvanetskiy described by thousands of events in the main venue of the event is the property.
Apart from the Odessa tram, the most steep tram in Pestlingbergban in Austria, the bulletproof tram in Israel, the tram passing through the narrow streets of Lisbon in Portugal, the built-in tram in Volgagrad in Russia, and the suspended tram of San Francisco in the United States entered the list.

Source: News Aktuel


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