Speaking on TV in the event, President Altepe Bursaray Kestel evaluated the work of the line.

Evaluating the work of Bursaray Kestel line, Altepe stated that the municipality has realized a light rail system investment in which it has realized its own resources and Turkish money, and said en We are doing a lot of work with little resources Burs.

Altepe noted that the commencement of the destruction of 3 bridge that will be renewed within the scope of Kestel line, K We started the destruction of the Hacivat, Deliçay and Balıklı bridges built at 1960. 3 strip on 3 stream going 3 began the construction of the total 9 bridge including the strip arrival and the middle rail bridge. Together with these bridges will continue to integrate rail system construction. Both sides of the city will meet each other. Slowly the intersections will be over. Esenevler Junction will be recovered at the end of the month. Es

Source : http://www.olay.com.tr



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