European Railway Agency (ERA) - Must be the only railway administration in Europe

The European Railway Agency (ERA) said on February 28 that it should be transformed into a single safety certificate and vehicle authority for Europe, according to the common vision for the future, presented by the European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the supplier industry association.
In the proposal, it is planned to make a law proposal within the scope of the "Fourth Railway Package" carried out by the General Directorate of the European Commission. Thus, ERA will become a central directorate supported by national or multinational offices, with local knowledge and influence, and will supply the safety certificates of railway operators.
CER Director Libor Lochman: “Having a single rail official in Europe will enable technical compliance by simplifying administrative procedures and removing unnecessary national regulations. " said. Thus, a competitive and transparent European rail market will be created, controlled by the European administration.
Source: Railway Gazette

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