Good news for EsTram: The construction of the new 18 new line of 3 kilometers begins

In Eskişehir, 2004 has been digging in the X Extension of Tramway Lines Project “which will extend the 3 tram lines that serve this side to the new region. If the weather conditions allow the first few days will be shot in the first dig.

The tender for the extension of the tram lines, which took place in July last year, starts in the next few days. In the case of weather conditions, the 10 will start working until February, but the period may be delayed if adverse weather conditions persist.

As it is known, the Metropolitan Municipality started the project works for the extension of the existing tram lines in 2007, but there has not been any development until 2011 due to the project not being included in the State Investment Plan.
After the Ministry of Transport approved the project last year, the works accelerated and a tender was made in July for the extension project, which will cover 20 neighborhoods in three regions. However, the start of the works was delayed due to the objection to the tender results. After the completion of the legal process, the Metropolitan Municipality awarded the tender. kazanIt was learned that he made the necessary contract with the company at the moment, the site delivery took place, and the construction sites of the relevant company were established.

Odunpazarı Municipality's objection to the only problem

The new lines of 18 kilometers will extend to the neighborhoods of Batıkent-Çamlıca, Yenikent-Çankaya and Emek-71 Evler and cover the 20 neighborhood.

In case the weather permits, it is stated that the first excavation will be shot in the next few days, while the only problem in front of the project will be seen in Çankaya-Yenikent line.

As it is known, this line must pass through Alaaddin Park in order to reach the transfer point in Odunpazarı Region (Atatürk High School Tram stop). Odunpazarı Municipality had objected to the project, which should be passed as a single line through the park due to technical reasons. The Board for the Preservation of Natural Heritage has to decide.

This objection will not affect the entire project, but the Yenikent-Cankaya-Yıldıztepe line may delay the work recorded.

Alaaddin Park passing through the transfer point, the transfer point of the line will be near the Porsuk Military Service officials, the citizens of the Military Branch of the tram between the Atatürk High School stop will be forced to walk.

18 will be completed in 2 year, and Eskişehir's total urban tram lines will reach 34 kilometers


T3: Emek-71 Homes,

T4: Yenikent-Cankaya,

T: 5 Batıkent-Çamlıca

extension lines were tendered.

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