Trolley line adjustment to Old Hal Junction

In the opinion of President Altepe, it is possible to cross the Sculpture-City Square tramway in front of the SSI, but the Old Hal Junction bridge will prevent it. To make it suitable for tram crossing, the steep slope bridge is removed, Uluabatlı Hasan Bulvarı is taken under the junction of Bat-Çıkla Tram

When the late Teoman Özalp took office as the Mayor of the 1989 elections, he had two serious city problems before him: air pollution and transportation.

Transportation problem Ulaşım
Because of the increasing number of vehicles within the city, the traffic crashes at the points where the main streets intersect each other affected the daily life of the city.
Özalp, who came from the historical town hall on Atatürk Street to join a iftar in Zafer neighborhood on his way to office, landed from İnönü Street on his route, but he could not cross the Hal Junction, where this street intersected with Uluabatlı Hasan Bulvari, as the traffic was locked.
The traffic from the Sculpture, the traffic of Uluabatli Hasan Bulvarı passed together, an inevitable situation had occurred. Özalp also spent his iftar time at the intersection in his car and returned without an invitation.
That evening..
As a civil engineer, he started to work on a solution that would surpass this intersection.
Today we find the curve like camel neck because of the code differences in the sudden rise, but when the Demirtaşpaşa Bridge at the intersection of the Eski Hal Köprülü Junction and İnönü and Haşim İşcan streets were built, the traffic to Bursa came.
With the Çatalfırın Viaduct, which does not intersect the vehicle traffic coming from Şehreküstü with the vehicles coming from Altıparmak Street, these two bridges, even if there is a freak, relieved the traffic and solved the problem for that day.
Süleyman Demirel was the Prime Minister of the time.
So what…
Due to the increasing number of vehicles today, changing urban traffic and changing expectations in transportation brought new solutions.
Together with the Çatalfırın Viaduct, which is providing solutions to the traffic in Bursa, Demirtaşpaşa Bridge and the Old Hal Bridge Interchanges are discussed due to the difficulties of use.
Then ...
The new urban order revealed a different situation, especially at the Eski Hal Köprülü Junction.
There are two new plans for this intersection.
First ...
Nowadays, the construction of Metropolitan Municipality Palace is rapidly increasing in the area used as a state. Next to it will be the largest cultural park in the region. But the old bridge interchange is not only compatible with these two projects, but also creates a pressure element that suffocates new projects.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe'nin on the agenda to solve urban transport tram lines.
First of all, the sculpture-İnönü Caddesi-Uluyol-Kent Square-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Heykel line is being prepared for the tender together with the İpekiş-Kanalboyu extension, but Altepe will cross the Inönü Street just like the Ipekiş-Kanalboyu extension and also include the Zafer-Shooter regions. it stands above an extension.
One of the reasons for raising the new extension is to facilitate citizen transportation to the Town Hall.
So what…
The main route from Inonu Street to Uluyol is not suitable for crossing the tram line that will leave in front of the Provincial Directorate of Social Security and reaching to Zafer-Atıcılar-Town Hall because of the slopes of the Old Junction Bridge which was opened in 1992.
In that respect O
Altepe asked the experts who carried out the project work to remove the bridge and perform a level crossing for the tram line.
On his head project Kaf
Uluabatlı Hasan Bulvarı (Ankara Road) has a continuous transition from bottom to bottom. On the ground, it is envisaged to arrange the crossroads which will replace the bridge. Thus, the tramway coming from İnönü Avenue will be able to continue on the ground without being affected by the slopes.
In this way…
Between SSK-Town Hall, pedestrian access can be reached for crossing, as well as pedestrian connection between the road and the top of the road.

Account entry in Bat-Çık

The tram, which descends from the Sculpture, crosses the level crossing in front of the SGK Provincial Building and crosses the crossroads of Uluabatlı Hasan Bulvarı, known as the Ankara Highway, to reach the Zafer-Atıcılar-Town Hall area.
However, due to the bump-up slope calculations to be made at this point, it affects the entry and exit routes to the Courthouse.
If the inclination is made according to the rules like in front of Korupark, roads with the entrance and exit of the courthouse remain in the intersection area. Experts also work on these accounts.

Tram project went to approval

In March, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the project of the sculpture-İnönü Caddesi-Uluyol-Kent Square-İpekiş-Stadium-Altıparmak-Heykel tram line.
The project was sent to the General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports Construction last week for approval.

Prevention in traffic for tramway

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is currently preparing to take the tram line project, which is currently approved in DLH, to the tender in March, is preparing measures for both the rapid progress of the construction and the traffic.
President Altepe, the construction of the tramway on a lane road while the other lane traffic will be given, he said.

Bursa wagon modeled

When Recep Altepe, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, mentioned the idea of ​​wagon production, he was seen as a v dream Büyük. That dream is happening.
DurmazlarThe wagon produced in Turkey successfully passed international tests and became a model. Now, news comes from the search for the production of domestic wagons from Konya.

Tevfik Topçu comfortable in MHP who are used to congresses

When evaluating the structural features of political parties, the MHP is often called the değerlendirme authoritarian party Siy.
The majority of the cadres, the MHP coming from the culture of the Ülkü Ocakları, always feels the party authority in the relations between the administrations and the party base.
Despite this view, the MHP has complete freedom in the functioning of the party in particular. So far, the effort to reduce candidates has never been seen.
Candidates in the selection of the party elders came into force with the authority of brotherhood, but no interference to the congresses were observed.
MHP, especially the provincial congresses have always been very candidate.
As a matter of fact, there were two races in some district congresses. Backstage, some old parties in the provincial congress of the preparation of the party is spoken.
Prior to the parliamentary elections, Arif Demirören was nominated for the province and Tevfik Topçu, who was the provincial leader, was seen very comfortably because of the table that appeared in the district congresses.
Sohbet“Any friend can be a candidate if they want. Congress is open to everyone, ”he says.



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