Erciyes Mountain Ski Museum Opened

Mount Erciyes
Mount Erciyes

A business in Erciyes Ski Center opened a ski museum with old ski suits, mechanical plant parts and nostalgic photographs.

The photographs exhibited in the museum, which was built in the center under the leadership of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality of Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project, rented to the private sector, include summit climbs on Erciyes Mountain, camps of the ski national team, ski activities.

The photograph taken by the late Deputy Prime Minister Erdal İnönü at the summit of Mount Erciyes in 1954 is also exhibited in the museum.

The operator of the business where the museum is located Mustafa Sağlam, AA correspondent, Turkey's first ski museum, the museum said that from 1947 until today they play a variety of materials, especially skis used in Erciyes.

Stating that they are aiming to experience nostalgia in Erciyes Mountain with the museum, Sağlam,

In the museum, there are ski teams and the first mechanical facilities established in Erciyes, parts of snow vehicles, and materials used in mountaineering activities. There are also photographs in the museum, which Nihat Karakaya gave as a gift from his archive, describing some of the facilities in Erciyes and the activities carried out there.

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