Bill of gravity: 485 thousand TL

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, Fenerbahce and Besiktas last night after the derby match between the loss of metrobus vehicles said about the damage.
In his statement to the press members at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Investment and Information Center in Sütlüce, Topbaş reminded that unfortunately, an incident happened in Uzunçayır Metrobus Station after the Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş derby match, which did not suit a modern city.

Expressing the size of the event that threatens the passengers in Topbas, 11 metrobus vehicle was damaged, people in the surrounding area said that a serious panic.
Saying that this situation is sad and it is not possible to accept it, Topbaş said, “These are national wealth. An important axle. It is not possible to understand this. Therefore, 11 trips could not be made due to the elimination of 55 vehicles. The approximate cost of this is around 485 thousand liras. Damage determinations are made. IETT, by discussing with the relevant clubs that will go to compensate for this damage… Detection studies will be done in the camera recordings. ”

Noting that the destruction of the metrobus they obtained at serious costs means a disruption of the service of Istanbul, Topbaş said that this is a significant loss.

Kadir Topbas, said:

Dır We want to make sure that the sporting events are gentlemanly, the friends who are wearing different jerseys in the same bus travel together side by side and share the enthusiasm together. Of course, there may be a different evaluation that will arise from the competition, but this is a sweet reproach. Sports is a fun, beauty. Otherwise, it should not be in the logic of getting rid of it completely, destroying it, ignoring and destroying the opposite. It should give a behavior to people. This is very sad. We do not take into account the panic and the psychological conditions of the passengers inside them. They're a separate event. We wish there were no such events again. As we try to disseminate public transport services, to get more tools and to provide opportunities, this way of destruction prevents us from serving in terms of service. Those who have done this have regretted it. I hope so. Those who do this to be given the necessary punishment will be judged. This issue will also be discussed with related clubs. Get past our passengers on the Metrob. Met

A journalist, "How many more days will be reduced in numbers?" Asked whether the Topbas, after the actual costs will occur, both the cost of services, as well as the loss of material and damage, he said.

Related to the application of clubs will be done, until the person can go to a judicial process that records the Topbas, in order to avoid the lack of the number of BRT from other lines to pull the vehicle trying to put into use during peak times expressed.

Topbas, the start of the school year, the need for the bus in the process of the failure of the 11 metrobus vehicle is a significant loss, he said.

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