BURULAŞ should address the problems in Bursaray urgently

Bursaray's contribution to public transport in Bursa is very important. Now the transfer application will be removed. 6 Since February 5 will be on hand every minute of the train between Arabayatağı-Acemler. In other words, with the shortening of the minutes, the citizens of Bursaray will be able to reach Arabayatağı directly.

But here I will have some criticism from BURULAS. The first is about the floor tiles at the stations. These tiles are made of extremely slippery material. Especially in wet weather, it is no different than walking on ice. They also warn the citizen with the plates and voice announcements that write lar slippery ground vatandaş. Why is this not considered when laying floor tiles? Now, if the citizen falls down and breaks down, who will account for it?

My second complaint about Bursaray is about air conditioners. Since summer, the air conditioning problem could not be solved. It does not cool in winter as it does not cool in summer. Are the BURULAŞ authorities aware of this? Can the air conditioners be adjusted for summer and winter?

Let me add that; Those who have special vehicles with snowfall turned to Bursaray. Therefore, we had to travel in the form of continuous fish. Shouldn't there be additional wagons on at least such profitable days?

You will direct the citizen to public transportation and you will not prepare its infrastructure. In short, I would like to ask BURULAŞ to address the problems in Bursaray immediately ası

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