Bornova Hospital-Evka 3 metro line will be tested in February 2012 and the date of the line will be announced.


Bornova-Evka 3 metro line is less than happy. Completing two stations with a total tunnel of 2 thousand 250 meters, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the two stops of the İzmir Metro in the direction of Bornova, both Ege University and Evka 3, both in the train lines and in the structure. İzmir Metro A.Ş, which started the test journeys, which is the most important study before the operation, started to put test train into the new metro line by using the third ray energy. The whole technical team works day and night in order to make the new line ready for operation and to be able to start the journey as soon as possible.

In the evening between the 20.00 and the 06.00 in the morning, the train sets go to the new 2,2 mileage track, stopping and stopping at the stations, and performing travel safety checks. Measurements and controls performed in the tests; It includes many technical studies such as the alignment of the train sets and the rails, the question of whether there is a problem with the energy intake of the third rail, measuring the level of sound while traveling, the safety of the scissor, safety of the vehicle's electronics, signaling and communication.

Sand bags will be used instead of passengers

Since the trains are empty and full on rails, because they affect different technical measurements differently, İzmir Metro A.Ş, which tests the vehicles as empty, will take the train sets to the test flights in the coming days as 'full'. For the test to be carried out on the assumption that there are 6 passengers per square meter, the 80 bin 3 pieces of sandbags, all of which are 200 tons, have been prepared. Sand bags will be put into the vehicles to be loaded with the maximum load and the full set of test-drive 'traveler-driven' simulation studies and measurements will be made.

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