Black Bride - Story

When I said to Uncle Recep, "Tell me about the black bride, steamy", his shaded glassy green eyes shone through his gray, canopy eyebrows. He opened his mouth with sporadic teeth in it and started laughing. This smile was like a baby's smile. "What can I tell you, my daughter, since she left that black bride 35 years ago, she threw us into a corner like this." And he added with his sad voice behind him: “His glorious days are over too. I hear that they put the remaining 3-5 in museums. He does not smoke, his legs do not hold back like me, they sit and stop. " His eyes were fogged. To clean the deposits of 35 years, to shine the memories, the experiences sözcüIt was not easy to explain in words. SözcüAs kler doll pours out of her mouth, she says "Is your mother?" at the beginning of each sentence with her unique accent. he was saying.

Dı The steam locomotive was prepared in warehouses for its journey. Coal and water would be placed in the section called Tender. We would be next to the black bride before 2-3 hours. We wipe the black skin of the rails with the black skin, polish the brass parts, oil to prevent wear, clean, check the water and coal. The bride, we prepared the journey as a fresh bride, like the sultans. Then the task was over everything. I couldn't, couldn't have been just as shameful. So, if we didn't find the windshield wiper, we'd take off our shirt and wipe it off. Job dressing was very important. Your mother?

When we hit the road, we couldn't even breathe. The distance between Eskişehir and Haydarpaşa is 313 kilometers. We would take this road at a speed of 70 kilometers in 10 hours. The black bride would be like a piece of cotton. It doesn't get enough of coal on the ramps, and on the landing like a heavy guest who doesn't like food, it turns its nose to coal; it would come down on raft. For 10 hours, I would waste 7-8 tons of coal on the foya, where the fire was burning by myself. The fire in the foya raised the temperature to 5000 degrees. The black bride's soul would be fulfilled with water. He drank 50-60 tons of water between Ankara and Eskişehir. We used to get water from water mangles at intermediate stations for the black bride, who set off with 32 tons of water in her tender. On the journey to Konya, the coal took up to 12-13 tons. He liked the pure of coal. He doesn't like Kütahya coal because it heats less; He would have wanted Seyitömer, Ereğli or Soma coal.

It was evident from the smoke coming out of the black bride's hair that the fireman was a good fireman. The smoke must have been light gray. If his blown hair turned black, it would be clear that you couldn't burn the coal well. Since coal needs to get enough heat; He was necessarily thrown into the bright fire and mixed with a hook. I have to take care of fire, girl. Like love… You cannot turn your back even if you are reflected or scorched. Otherwise, all your hard work goes into the air. Is your mother

I wouldn't see the ground for 10 hours. I would have a snack by the fire. I would bring my food from home. Aunt Fikriye's half-life was spent by preparing food and bleaching my blackened clothes. Children would sleep when I came down the road. I would kiss and smell them while sleeping. This is how I would quench my longing for a road and a road. I would load my prepared bag in the early morning and hit the road again. So, I'll say, I would come in at night, leave the nest like a shadow in the dark. This profession does not understand what winter or summer… Neither night nor day… Is it your mother?

The black bride is not the least neglected. The mechanic would keep an eye on the road, and the other with the fireman. Since the signal was not minial, we would be alert at any moment. Especially in the scissors m We would try to choose the signs in the light of those dim light-eyed lanterns.

It's just a no-nonsense fireman. He should also know the way well. juice, kazanThe pressure must be adjusted accordingly. It has to be on fire, on thorns all the time. You don't know, there is such a thing as a manometer. You will see that kazan pressure will not drop. Did you go down from 16? Otherwise, the black bride will not be strong, she will leave her halfway. What I'm saying is, it doesn't make the black bride angry."

I jokingly said, "Uncle Recep, how many black brides have blackened their hearts in 35 years". He proudly continued:

“The most shameful thing for a fireman, kazanI'm on fire, girl. Thank God I didn't break anyone's heart. I did not betray the security. I don't even have a warning on my record. Are you your mother?

The steamer's voice was different. It still rings in my ears like my mother's lullaby, it makes my heart scream. Fikriye Aunt knew that I came from the black bride's cry of joy. I also knew that you knew I was coming. As you can understand, the voice of the steamy is like a little song ...

The black bride would also drop it on the beds. He would scorch with his fire and make our skin sweat bead by bead. We would cut it into ice with a gentle breeze. Pneumonia is the disease of firemen, machinists… The wool flannel you know is a souvenir from the dowry of the black bride… Even now I cannot take the woolen undershirt off me. What will you do without wearing it? We also had leather vests. Once we got used to it… Let me see it getting cold, my right side starts to ache. The black bride made us like a baby.

The taste of the tea I drank from the hand of the black bride is still on my palate… Is the tea brewed at home now tea? If you ask how tea would be, I would say the black bride's tea. Tea is the companion of firemen and machinists. We used to do the blessed in a canteen; We used to burn your water, tea, put it on the iron and release it kazaninto it. He was boiling in his dhaka; we would leave it to brew next to the foya. Ah… my daughter, teabags are out now, in plastic cups… tea is also out of the teapot…

When we transported our passengers safely, we would be the best people in the world. When the mission was over, we would wash our hands, face, put on our white shirt, a dark blue suit, put on our black tie, land on the machine like a groom. It wouldn't be nice to go down with a work suit. İş

Is it possible for us to understand Uncle Recep? Is it possible for us to understand the love you live with the black bride who swoops her hair, singing songs like a mare, crossing the mountains, the hills and floating in the valleys? This is not the case now. Nobody spills heart for anyone else. Unfortunately, we no longer have young men who will show your respect and patience to your duty in the face of the heat of thousands of degrees. Everything is based on easy living. The less we sweat, the smarter we are. The easier we can get everything, the more we know our business. Our sweat has dried up… We were covered up like blind wells, darkened… Heavy stones were placed on it… We were left without light… Our hope, our desire, our effort… always about ourselves and our relatives… However, in a drop of water, does the joy of the ocean be experienced? Does a single tree have the power of the forest? Many firefighters and machinists became drops and trees for the railways, for their country… They united… The ocean became a forest… They excited, overthrew the mountains with the power of their hearts…

These black-skinned children of our country withdrew their hands from the rails, leaving pleasant sounds… As we remember you, a black mare runs to all the mountains, all the valleys, all the rivers of our country, running, running ...

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