Antalya Nostalgic Tram Will Be Dismantled!

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, the nostalgic tram is very old and have difficulty in finding spare parts, said:

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Akaydın met with the presidents and representatives of fellow countrymen at breakfast. Explaining his services at the meeting attended by 49 association presidents and representatives, Akaydın answered the questions of the association presidents and listened to their suggestions. Stating that Antalya is a multicultural and immigrant city, Akaydın said, "We are all true owners of Antalya and we have a common culture." Akaydın, who gave information about his services in 3 years, stated that he has paid 480 million lira since he took office, and that he will pay another 2 million lira within 220 years. Stating that they made an investment of over 500 million lira despite this debt burden, Akaydın said, “We made 251 million lira of this to the infrastructure through ASAT. "We will end Antalya's drinking water and wastewater problem in 2 years," he said.

Stating that they broke a record by laying 3 thousand tons of hot asphalt on Antalya roads in 300 years, Akaydın said that Kepez took the biggest share in asphalt. Akaydın, who stated that they started to work in the Schools area from the places he called "3 big pits", said: "With the project that will end in July, the area will be a square and park, and the six will be Antalya's largest multi-storey car park. Archaeological excavations in the East Garage area are over. We settled with the contractor. We are continuing our efforts to re-tender Doğu Garajı as a cultural and shopping center. In the 100th year, the authority lies with the General Directorate of Youth Services and Sports. " Mayor Mustafa Akaydın, underlining that they cost the products such as casting, fences, digital printing, urban furniture, electricity poles that the municipality needs at the price of one fourth of the market in the Boğaçayı Workshops they have established, stated that the municipality produces its own plant with the sapling production facilities.

President Akaydın said that they are working on a new transportation model instead of the tram, upon a question asked about the future of the nostalgia tram. Akaydın explained that the nostalgia tram was very old and they had trouble finding spare parts. Mentioning that they are working on a new line, Akaydın said, “We foresee tire transportation. Eurodiesel, hybrid or electric bus models can work on this line. Currently, we do not intend to extend the line to the Faculty of Medicine, but we will make the final decision based on the data obtained after the Transportation Master Plan is completed. We expect the Transportation Master Plan to be completed in the summer, ”he said. President Akaydın, supporting the proposal of fellow countrymen associations to present local cultures as a festival, said, "Such a festival suits Antalya very well. I will be glad. Set up a commission. I am ready to give any support I can, ”he said.

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