Binali Yıldırım answered questions about the agenda

Minister Binali Yıldırım, 3 in the throat. In connection with the construction of the bridge, 5 said they were very hopeful about the future of the tender to be held on April 2012.

While the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, stated that they have not made an official application for the construction of the metrobus line to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge until now, "We will approach it without any hesitation regardless of which project or measure, which will relieve the traffic of Istanbul."

Minister Yıldırım, the guest of the AA Editors Desk, answered the AA editors' questions regarding the agenda and ministry.

40th year maintenance of the Bosphorus Bridge

QUESTION: The 40th year maintenance of the Bosphorus Bridge has been much talked about. Do you think there is a communication accident on this subject? The construction cost of the 3rd bridge will be covered from the general budget. Could this lead to translation or cancellation of other projects?

ANSWER: The first bridge was put into service in 1973, it is 2013 years old in 40. In the simplest way, the maintenance of the bridge has to be done throughout the life of the bridge, just like certain maintenance in certain kilometers. 40th year care is also a very comprehensive care ... It is called 'big care'. In this context, of course, it is not possible to say "traffic will never fail" and it is not realistic. But I have already mentioned; We will carry out this maintenance by taking all precautions so that the traffic will be least affected. Our goal is not to close the bridge, but to do the necessary maintenance to ensure that the bridge provides full service for many years. Here, as much as possible, the night traffic will be studied during the hours when it is rare. But if we have to, we will work during the day. There, we will intensify our work mainly in the afternoon and afternoon, except in the morning and evening heavy traffic. Maybe lane restriction may be applied, but we definitely do not envisage closing it completely.

QUESTION: The Northern Marmara Highway Project was also discussed. Will the construction of the highway other than the bridge construction affect the other investments of the ministry?

ANSWER: We made a tender trial on the Northern Marmara Motorway. Unfortunately, we did not get the result we wanted, the offer did not come. This time we reconsidered the project and cut it in half. It was a project of approximately 430 billion liras, with a total of 6 kilometers of roads and a bridge. Now, in the new case, we are bidding again with the project, bridge plus 90 kilometers of road, build-operate-transfer model. We will receive offers on April 5. We will do the rest from the national budget simultaneously. It constitutes less than half of the total cost of this project compared to the previous one. This time we are quite hopeful about the future of the offer. The proposal will come because the volume of the project has shrunk and the turnaround time and profitability have been further increased. According to him, some additional traffic guarantees were given. So it has become more attractive and we anticipate bidding. The remaining parts being made from the national budget will not have a negative impact on our other investments. We think we will make it within the existing budget facilities.

QUESTION: Our Minister of Finance is very sensitive about budget discipline and will it be a nationality?

ANSWER: We are sensitive too. It is not enough that only the Minister of Finance is sensitive. Because in 2000 and 2001, this country paid the price of crises very painfully. So the priority for all of us to continue in Turkey's economic stability and confidence. But Turkey has now reached a size figures that will tolerate itself. So there is no problem. We took these decisions together with our finance minister, it is our common decision.

Metrobus line planned for FSM bridge

QUESTION: There is a metrobus line planned to cross the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. How will this affect the traffic, has there been an application for the construction of the line?

ANSWER: I have also read the news about Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Bridge, but there is no official application to us. We will approach Istanbul without any hesitation regardless of which project and whatever measure it will relieve the traffic of Istanbul. But we do not yet know the details of the study. If there is an application, we will evaluate it as usual, in favor of Istanbulites.

QUESTION: In order to use the sea transportation of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 10 has prepared a project that includes the construction of a techno-car at different points. Will you be working to increase sea transport outside of the boat?

ANSWER: Sea transportation is one of the important public transportation vehicles in Istanbul. At the moment, I think it has a 10 percent share in crossings. But there is no chance to increase this too much. In fact, Istanbul is an exemplary city in sea transportation in the world. In this regard, we will continue to support new projects of the Metropolitan Municipality. But as you know, we do not have any activity as a Ministry, in maritime transport, especially in mass transportation. Either the private sector does this or municipalities do it. We also provide the necessary support.

The location of the 3rd airport is determined

QUESTION: Atatürk Airport has passed many airports in Europe in terms of traffic. Are there any location studies for the 3rd airport in Istanbul? As a workaround, is the construction of an additional runway to Atatürk Airport on the agenda?

ANSWER: We have made studies to build a new runway to the existing airport. There was an opinion about this. On the other hand, even if we are building a new runway, the need for a 3rd airport does not disappear. If we consider the developments in aviation, we will reach about 2023 million passengers in Istanbul only in 150. Therefore, it is not possible to dispatch and manage this passenger with existing airports. In this respect, the 3rd airport to Istanbul is absolutely necessary. For this, our work has reached an important point. We also determined our place. But for now, we do not disclose it with your permission.

QUESTION: Japanese technology was used in the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge. If there is interest from Asian companies for the 3rd bridge planned to be built in Istanbul, what would your attitude be like?

ANSWER: We are expecting offers from our Chinese friends.

Source: AA

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