Cable car will be made in three different routes to Ankara

According to the written statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the development of tourism between Ankara and Konya Metropolitan Municipalities and the State Railways in the Ankara Municipal Council, the construction of the cable car to three different points in Ankara and the soil formed in the region within the scope of the 50th Year Urban Transformation Project It was decided to pay 300 TL of rent aid to citizens who had to evacuate their homes as a result of the shift

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek informed the members of the Municipal Council on the subject before the voting, and stated that 250 more natural gas buses will join the vehicle fleet of EGO with the signed contract and that they are doing a new study on public transportation. It was noted that Gökçek made the following statements on the subject:

“In Ankara, we will put buses that will come and go serially on smooth lines. For example, in the Mamak region, we want these metrobuses to come from the direction of Siteler to Sıhhiye and Kızılay. We were thinking of trams before on this line, but these vehicles will be better. In addition, we will take off the passengers coming from Karapürçek at the top of Altındağ by cable car to Siteler. Second, we will give Dikmen Valley by build, operate and transfer. Also, there is a route via Yenimahalle-Şentepe. There will be four or five stops here as well. It will collect the passengers from Şentepe, bring them to the metro and continue from the metro with the same ticket. We want to complete these three routes within 1,5 years. "

In the proposal given about the urban transportation of the capital, the population density and the number of vehicles are increasing day by day, as an alternative transportation of the cable car was raised.

In the article read to the members of the council, the construction of the subway in areas such as Dikmen and Yenimahalle is of high quality. The cable car system is used in urban transportation, which is an ideal transportation tool with low construction cost, fast construction, environmentally friendly at points where there are serious elevation differences applied in 5 continents in order to help existing public transportation vehicles in short and medium distances. "It is thought that the transportation between Dikmen-Kızılay, Yenimahalle-Şentepe and Siteler-Karapürçek is made by the cable car system."

After the vote, the proposal was decided by majority vote.

Tourism with Konya

In the Ankara Municipal Council, a cooperation protocol between Ankara and Konya Metropolitan Municipalities and TCDD was also discussed in order to develop tourism between the two cities. It was also unanimously decided to guide groups coming to Ankara in order to develop tourism by using high speed trains, to strengthen mutual cultural ties and to promote historical sites, and to provide transportation at a discount.

  1. It was also decided to pay 50 TL of rent aid to citizens who were left within the scope of the Year Urban Transformation Project and had to evacuate their houses as a result of the landslide in Mamak Şehit Cengiz Topel Neighborhood and Çankaya 300th anniversary region.

-135 meter height Ferris wheel -

The issue of constructing a ferris wheel similar to the 135-meter-high London Eyes, known as Europe's tallest ferris wheel, in a suitable area in Güvenpark was also discussed at the City Council.

Mayor Gökçek informed the Municipal Council about the subject as a motion and stated that the system is planned to be built in the area where there are no trees in Güvenpark and the iftar tent of the Metropolitan Municipality. Following Gökçek's statement, it was also decided that a delegation consisting of experts and Municipal Council members will go to London to examine the system on site.

Some other decisions taken with the participation of the members of the Municipal Council are as follows:

- Opening of a new life center in Altınpark Fair Area

- The monthly income of the bread buffets is given to the people under 1000 TL or with no income.

- Helping families who lost their two children in a fire in their homes

- Visit with a group of Municipal Council members to develop cultural and commercial relations to Havana, the capital of Cuba, which is one of the sister cities of Ankara, and Santiago, the capital of Chile.

- City furniture to be used in the parks and gardens to be built in the boundaries of Çayırhan town of Nallıhan district.

Source: ZAMAN

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