Ankara Metro new vehicle purchase tender will be held on February 14, 2012

DLH has announced the tender for subway vehicles.

Purchase and Operation of the Ankara Metro Vehicles will be procured under the open tender procedure according to the article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law numbered 19. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below.

Tender registration number: 2011 / 209644
Tender date: 14.02.2012 - 14: 00
Delivery deadlines: The delivery of the vehicles will be completed on 850 days. Delivery of vehicles from the commencement date 14. start on the month and 29. will be completed by month. 14.ayda 75 vehicle and then the rest vehicles 29 in batches. the contractor shall be determined by the contractor until all of the month. These conditions must be fulfilled by the contractor.
Quantity: Includes 324 Piece Vehicle Purchase and Commissioning for use in Ankara Metro and Supply of Spare Materials at% 5.

Source: DLH


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