Karesi Express Passenger Train Derailed in Balıkesir Borders, Making Ankara İzmir Expedition

Karesi Express Train Making Ankara Izmir Expedition
Karesi Express Train Making Ankara Izmir Expedition

The passenger train derailed near the village of Nusret in Kepsut district of Balıkesir caused fear. Karesi Express, which made the Ankara - Balıkesir - İzmir expedition, derailed near the Nusret train station located between Dursunbey and Kepsut districts.

This morning in the event around the time of the 04.00 train, Nusret station near the train, falling off the mountain because of the rock was derailed. Suddenly standing passengers in the train experienced great fear and panic. The passengers, who panicked themselves, saw part of the train lying on its side.

The blue train on the move was contacted with the guidance of the center of motion, which alarmed the caller's emergency call. Dursunbey in the vicinity of the Blue Train was ordered to stop at Dursunbey station. Due to the accident, passenger and freight trains in the same direction were kept by the TCDD movement center until a second instruction.

In the meantime, the passengers at the scene were taken from the station in Nusret village by buses dispatched from Dursunbey and put on the Blue Train, which was waiting at the station in Dursunbey district. After the derailed wagons were removed, the citizens continued their journey with the Blue Train. It has been reported that an investigation has been launched regarding the train accident, which was returned from the disaster.

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